Fragment 16: What's Behind the Cover?

I tried to think of some sarcastic, zany dialog for the Book. I ended up with a sappy poem. Not my usual outcome. Still, maybe it’ll help.

For the Book of Briars:

What’s behind the cover?

When you find a new book
what’s behind the cover?

Is it a romance? Or a Mystery?
A comedy or a tragedy?

Are there pirates? Or ninjas?
Are there heroes? Or heroines?

Will you learn anything?
Will you feel something?

Will you miss it,
long after it’s gone?

Or will you start again,
from the very first page?

What’s behind the cover?
Endless possibilities.


So, we tell the BoB it’s own story?


That is part of it. Tell it whatever means something to you.

Tell it why you care that it opens.