Fragment 13: Lore Speculation

In light of everything we’ve been hit with since the end of Fragment 12, I felt it was important to have a place to keep and discuss all of the lore and implications and snippets of history that we’ve gathered in the past few weeks.

There’s a lot to unpack here outside of the “solving” part of our job, and I don’t want to forget something. We don’t know or understand near enough to know what’s relevant or what’s not, and anything we can learn about the Mountaineers, Guilds, AGP, and the Council of the 18 Gates shouldn’t be dismissed or overlooked.

DG’s Blog post with Sullivan’s letters to her and to us:
DG Blog Post: Here/Where We Go

Pages of the narrative from the BoB we’ve received from Augernon and Sullivan’s journal:

And Augernon’s brief commentary on our mystery-helper, Fletcher Dawson:

Any theories, ideas, or connections you have to offer… all ears!


@Endri, did I forget anything? There’s about 1200 messages to swim through and several websites, so I’m sure I didn’t get it all.


Not that you forgot it but Dawson is the author of a number of books known to the Mounties and possibly more. Such as the forest of darkening glass and the myths of Elinor. Not sure if the last one is correct!


Thanks for this @Deyavi! I’ll go through my notes and see if there’s anything missing.


I’m interested in the '94’s Benefactor, what role Dawson plays in all this, how these journal pages are connected, Neithernor (naturally) and honestly, the more we learn about the '94s having a Book, solving fragments, and confronting The Storm, I wonder why in Ojorad’s name didn’t Ascender tell us anything about that time? :tired_face:


I think the thing that I’ve been rolling around and savoring in my mind the most is Sullivan’s letters to us and to Dierdre in The Monarch Papers: Neithernor. I’ll post more of my thoughts when I’ve had more time and drawn more conclusions.


I’ve been wondering how much of time we’re really changing. When Augie said to Ascender that Ascender and crew wouldn’t be the ones to open the Book of Briars. Was that because he knew he already had?


Great observation. I wonder what other seemingly inconsequential moments now have added portent given we’re fiddling with time.


Some cool lore, at least I think so, is finding out that in the past there was multiple Lodge’s trying to open the BoB.


I want to know who Dawson is.

My theory is that he’s either allied with Sullivan, or that he works for the Council. And it wouldn’t be a stretch, I think, given his involvement with us in our time - enabling us to complete the phase 3 assessment and communicate with Augernon and the 94 Mountaineers - to imagine that he could also be the mysterious Benefactor of the 94s.

I mean, the coordination it would require for that to be true would be stunning. But less a coincidence than two separate, unrelated individuals supplying both them and us with information and support.



I think you’re correct in that he’s an ally (if not an alias) of Sullivan Green’s -and- working with the Council:

“Much of the “how” won’t make sense at this moment, but I hope by now you’ve looked to my letter to Deirdre and found something the 18 Gates left with our storyteller friend.”

Edit: Assuming this refers to our time portal, it would mean that Sullivan had the 18 Gates leave it on Fletcher Dawson’s website deliberately as part of his plan he exposes for us to open the 1990’s Book of Briars here in the present. This little line proves the three collaborate.


It also makes sense that Dawson is the storyteller as he’s an author


This is just a random thought, but when Marty talked about the Low with us in The Quiet, he mentioned a few '94s. Saberlane, Huma, and Knatz. Do you think we should namedrop any of them in the post? Or maybe we should tell Augie that we know Marty? Apparently Marty knew Augie, Ascender, and Knatz personally.


While true we know Marty now, we didn’t know him then. If Augie asked Marty about us it may cause problems,


Agreed - this has been brought up before in another thread, too.


We could say we know of them, it might help.


That’s a good point. I don’t necessarily see the harm in just namedropping some people, though. For instance, we could say we’ve heard of those Mounties before, and if Augie asks, just say we have a Mountie in the lodge who has a few Low contacts, and those are names they’d heard. Marty might be harder to namedrop, but given he was known to try and contact people in the Low, saying we’re aware of him wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.


The biggest thing that stuck out for me reading Sullivan’s letter to Deirdre was the history of Neithernor and where the Silver and the Storm fit into all of it. Here goes:

My research of Neithernor goes back to Anne of Brittany’s death and the eventual splitting of her court of artists’ secret guild into the paths of wool and silver. At some later point in our current history the path of wool became Monarch’s Mountain so that’s what I’ll call them going forward.

The Monarchs discovered a small but verdant place connected to our world through secret entrances, but wholly hidden from us.

Neithernor was not affected by whatever removed magiq from our world. That’s how the Monarchs learned that there was an alternate history of magiq.

This set of excerpts tells me that while the Path of Silver (and therefore it’s Storm) had it’s origin some time after magiq was hidden from the world, some time before Anne of Brittany - sometime before the early 1500’s!

There was peace for an untold time. But then something unknown happened that pitted the Monarchs against the Silver. I don’t know whether it was a gradually building conflict or if there was a single catalyst, (or who was ultimately at fault) but it escalated into “The War of Neithernor.” Many were lost but MM drove the Silver out of the land and barred all entrance back.

The Silver scrounged for power here in the mundane world, trying to use everything they had to get back in. But they had been exiled.

While wild and forgotten, Neithernor is likely totally free of the influence of the Silver and their Storm.

Years later, The Council sent The Book of Briars to Monarch’s Mountain and the Silver scrambled to take it from them. They had grown strong in their own secret place here in the mundane, using what they learned from Neithernor and gathering artifacts and objects from the old time… They had also created The Storm. Once they realized the book was not for them, they sent the Storm, and in doing all but wiped away any memory the Monarchs had of Neithernor.

This is where I find his letter most interesting. Early on (before The Last Oracular Eye and May 31st) many of us had colluded Kemetic Solutions and the Storm. I did not think that was the case, but Sullivan’s letter even broadens the scope of what we’re facing. It puts way more players on the board than what I think we all originally thought was the case.

We found out (the hard way) that Kemetic Solutions was not part of the Storm. They were wiped out by the Silver and their Storm for trying to pierce the Veil by sacrificing adepts to an arcane apparatus. After that, I had assumed that The Storm was the operating militant arm of whatever had originally set magiq apart from our world. Now, with information from Sullivan’s letter to Dierdre, I can no longer assume that is true.

What does this mean, practically? While the Silver and Storm are powerful, they aren’t so powerful as to be the ones who initially took magiq from the world, and their motives seem to revolve around petty vengance more than anything. This makes facing them seem like a much less insurmountable goal.


This also means that the Council of 18 Gates is much older and probably much more powerful than we imagined:

They have sent the book, in varying forms, to groups for centuries.

It requires immense power to send the book to us from where they are.

…the book persists because in each era the 18 Gates have used what power they have to not only send their cherished object to us, but also to protect it from The Storm and its Master. They have kept the book safe while also trying to spread what remained of that protection to those who’ve tried to unlock it.

…I convinced the 18 Gates to focus their power to protect you instead of the book when The Storm arrived, and let the book burn…


Would it be possible to tell them about who and what is hunting them with out changing time too much? As it is better to know your enemies so you can fight them. Also are we sure that the past Mounties haven’t caught on yet that something isn’t right? There have been tons of references to past and present in this fragment. I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t already speculating that we’re not in the same time as them.