Forum Trust Levels

Forum Trust Levels

Below is the breakdown of our forum trust levels. If you’re not sure how to find your current trust level, you can click here for a walkthrough. For any other questions about trust levels, you can ask one of the community leaders in the Q&A Super Topic.

First Things First:

New members are often curious about what’s required to increase their trust level and how long it takes to get to the more immersive stages of the forum…

And the answer is always, “Meaningful engagement, a good attitude, and time.” :cjsmile:

There’s really no way to rush or “game” the trust system, and the leaders and moderators have gotten pretty savvy (in the nicest way possible) about making sure everyone progresses in a way that’s best for the community.

Also, while I myself have described the Briarverse as a sort of literary ARG, or ARB (alternate reality book) it’s really more of a collaborative creative experience, where no one person is the hero, and brute-force is always a last resort. The trust levels are another way of helping make that clear.

I promise, they’re not meant to gate-keep, they’re meant to give everyone time to learn the ropes of this unique online place and its interactive world, and they’re also a big reason why this community has remained a kind, positive, fun, and supportive one.

Don’t worry, the place isn’t going anywhere, and there’s lots to do while you prepare for the world of magic. :cjheart:

Trust Level Zero:

This is where everyone begins. You’ll be able to read and contribute to out-of-world categories like Meet, Greet, and Discuss, the Creationary, Bookish, and the out-of-world Community Projects. You’ll also be able to read the immersive In-World categories that take place within the narrative of the Briarverse.

Trust Level One:

Trust Level One won’t grant you complete access to the immersive Age of Magiq area of the forum, But it will grant you access to the in-world Guilds category where you can begin your in-world adventure, explore your guild, and get to know your fellow guild members. This level is the (relatively short) time period where you can get fully caught up with the events, inhabitants, and community of the in-world Briarverse.

During this time you’ll find it really useful to have caught up on The Monarch Papers, The Secret Society, and The Search for Magiq narratives so you know what’s going on and how the community works. You can do that on the forum, with the wiki, or by reading the books in The Briar Archive.

Trust Level Two: Member

At Trust Level Two you’ll be trusted with the ability to contribute to all of the in-world categories, which have their own set of creative categories, projects, and immersive rules. Whatever happens here is happening inside the narrative of the Briarverse novels.

Trust Level Three: Regular

At Trust Level Three, you’ll gain access to the hidden Discord server where readers can have more casual and constant out-of-world discussions and better get to know one another. This server has rules for participation and posting, but it’s a fun, casual place to stay in touch with your friends and fellow readers.