February's Surprise Patron Gift!

Hey guys, happy February!

As you may or may not know, every month I’m going to use a random name picker to choose someone who contributed to the lower Patreon tiers to be gifted EVERYTHING from the higher tiers.

That includes live video access to the AG offices, a one-on-one with me, the group livestream hangout, letters from Ackerly Green, AND a piece of merchandise, which this month is a guild hoodie!

This first patron to receive the Complete Patron Gift is @Revenir! Whoo hoo!

@Revenir, I’ll be in touch soon to get color/sizing, etc.

And I’ll also be in touch with everyone soon to schedule the hangouts, etc.

Congrats Revenir, and thanks to everybody for contributing and continuing to support this experience. SO excited to show you what I have planned for Phase 3!


Omg, thank you so much! :heart_eyes: This is such a pleasant surprise.