February Creative Writing Prompt #3

Here we are, Mountaineers! The last creative writing prompt for February 2018.

"You’re one song short of a full album for your debut, UNTIL:
Your significant other breaks up with you in an unexpected way.
Filled with emotion, you compose a song that expresses how you feel."

Just a reminder that all creative writing prompts are open for contribution indefinitely after posting. The prompts for the month of March will come up for preview on the 23rd of February.

Write on,



So, and this is almost too embarrassing to post, but I’ve been working on a song for a while?

About us, well, about The Mountaineers. But it’s also about love, and loss. And searching, for people, for each other. It fits the challenge and I’d like to share it. It’s called–

You, Me, and The Mountain

I met you in the shadow of a mountain, in the cold, in the cold
Like two satyrs wandering lonely through the winter
Our eyes were young and spirits old

You held magic in your hands and a book of darker plans
But it was fire that brought me closer to your side

We turned a page together
Can’t undo what we’ve begun
To spend a night together
By putting out the sun

The stick, the stone
The book and bone
And here we go again
You, me, and the mountain

I’ve been stumbling after someone like you all my life, all my life
I offered up my soul so I could bind you
You turned the knife
And took my life

Now I’m made of all the hearts of those I followed through these parts
And bear the longing loneliness of those who tried the climb

A soul that’s made of silver
And hair that’s made of wool
You took me for a wiseman
Then found me for a fool

The stick, the stone
The book and bone
And here we are again
You, me, and the mountain

We learned to see the tricks of light and how they made the lie
We found a world that’s hidden in the corner of your eye
But I could tell with winter ending
A fire was calling you
We’d been a one forever
And now we were a two

And so you set off on your way to walk the mountain, in the light, in the light
You were so beautiful up there as you were climbing
And then you disappeared from sight

Of everything you took, you left me with the book
And now I’m here
The lonely satyr in the flowers

With magic in my hands
All my unfinished plans
And I wait in the shadow
Right where we used to stand

The stick, the stone
The book and bone
And there you are again
You and me will always be

You, me, and the mountain