February Creative Writing Prompt #1

Our first Campfire Writing Club Prompt:

“Write a scene describing a meal between two individuals - human or not - who are from very different backgrounds.”

Include your entry on this post as a comment (upload a document or write it in, but a separate document might be neater) and tell us how it went!

Write on,



Thanks for posting this @Deyavi!

On an administrative note, and as someone who’s still learning the forum ropes, if at all possible post your story in the actual topic instead of linking to an external document because there have been posts we’ve lost when the linked document got moved or deleted.


I looked over the creature sitting across from me, it looked humanoid enough. Bright lilac skin covered an almost avian face atop a muscular body, its nose drew forth a sharp nigh beak like silhouette from the creatures face. It was honestly quite beautiful, although you could not tell it’s gender no matter what you think. Of course, I don’t believe the creature really prescribed to the concept of gender as it did not seem able to make up it’s mind about any small detail that could give away any trace of masculinity or femininity. As it looked back at me, I felt quite _disturbed _ it’s eyes were a sight in their own right. They bugged out as if they couldn’t fit into their sockets quite as well as they should have been able to. “So, where are you from,” I asked awkwardly, although I had invited the creature to eat with me, I had only just met the creature and did not know much about it, as would happen when you summon things at random out of the multi-verse and the void between them. The creature cocked it’s head and a stream of images flooded my mind. A vast barren something stretched across a crushing void the two forces bore unto the other with a suffocating tension. “Enough!” I snapped at the creature, I could not bear it anymore, what horrible space had it come from for it to survive that. The images faded as the restaurant went back to their own conversations. I sighed in relief as the waiter came to our table, he did not seem to blink an eye as he saw my companion. Probably attributing its appearance to a strange deformity. He placed our food in front of us and I winced as I realized that eating meat might not be in the creatures diet, but it did not seem to mind as it began to eat with a surprising grace using utensils it had never seen almost expertly. I grew more hopeful as I thought about how much I would learn from this creature.