Favorite MAGIQverse Things

I have a random question for y’all. When you think about the MAGIQverse, what are some of the elements that really draw you to it?

Also, I’m curious, who is your favorite character? What’s your favorite phase? And if you weren’t here when TMP happened, what phase would you most have liked to be a part of? Is that different from the phase you enjoyed reading or the same?

So a few days ago @Ashburn was asking folks in the Discord their opinions about what names she should do for her cross stitch. And I started thinking to myself about how I tend to lean towards different lore based on the phase.

For me, I find myself drawn to Phase Three the most, with Phase Two trailing closely behind. I doodle a lot of Cags stuff (especially if you count both of the Cagliostros lol), but between emojis and finished pieces, I’m pretty sure my most drawn character is Saberlane. :joy: I don’t even know why, I think I just enjoy drawing CJ being cool and dramatic.

As for why I like Phase Three, I always loved exploring the magiqal websites and the Lost Aethenaeum and Kemetic Solutions. Also the live stream events with Aether were so cool, plus the killer Marty recording. I really dug the covert magimystic hacker kind of vibe.

But I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also I’m forever curious what characters people get attached to.


Obviously I have personal attachment to the third assessment and the fourth phase, since I was here for them, but I think the other assessment (second?) with the paper building is what I feel most FOMO over.

As for my choices on the cross stitch, it’s been a combination of what can fit in each letter’s spot, trying to get an even-ish spread, and deciding what I feel I could best represent in what’s essentially 8-bit and still be recognizable. :sweat_smile: (read: people. I’ve been avoiding people in the list like the plague)
I was definitely getting the urge to do other list-y magiq cross stitches as I was looking things up (the Minnying was making my start-all-the-designs-and-never-finish-anything want to come out). It’s impossible to fit everything into one.

As for attachment to characters, phase four definitely made me partial to Augie and Knatz. [spoiler]and when we found out who the Benefactor was :aetherdetermined: :laurencry:[/spoiler]


I love the guild system quite a bit actually, and I love the system of Magiq in play.

Favourite phase ooooo tough
I really liked Phase 3, but I’m going to have to say Phase 4 because of how much time was played around with, and because we got to interact with the ‘94 Mounties, and just how everything felt like it was falling apart and coming together all at once. It was super interesting.

Hello yes have I told you how much I love Augie?!?!? Because I LOVE Augie. My heart hurts for him always.
I don’t know why I’ve grown so attached to Augernon, but I just turned around one day and it happened. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I have a whole bunch of favourites like Marty and Deeds and Cole and Endri and Aether and Knatz and and and
So many of the characters are incredible for different reasons, I enjoy and appreciate the diversity, how we didn’t just see one particular archetype recycled in different ways. They’re all so interesting and I just want to love them all and friendship with all of them, and have them live happy lives where they aren’t fried to a crisp :laurencry: