Favorite Bookish Sites

Hey all!

Whew, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted. I wanted to make this thread, though, because I recently (aka end of last year) started using a new site to organize my books. For years, I have used Goodreads, and if that’s your thing, make sure you’ve checked out the thread on the forums with friend codes so you can add your fellow mounties.

However, after seeing lots of folks have problems with the Goodreads app this winter (and deciding maybe Amazon didn’t need all of my information), I’ve started using StoryGraph in tandem. I’m not fully sold on it, but it has a lot of the same functionality as Goodreads with some interesting changes to the rating system for books (like public tags/vibes, 1-5 scale with 0.25 increments, etc). Plus, as the name implies, it’s got graphs, which are always fun to look at!

I also remember a few years ago people talking about Reedsy here on the forums. While I signed up, though, I never really got into it.

With all of this preamble out of the way, I was curious what your own experiences with platforms like these - do you have a favorite, or are there things about the platforms you use that you like the most? Are there others I haven’t mentioned here that you think folks should seek out?

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