Fall Watch

Neithernor had been a place of peace and learning until the truce between those of Silver and Wool had broken down and brought about the issuing chaos.
War and death had arrived to Neithernor, scarring her beautiful features.

Their captain, Globetrotter had been the first to fall. Ambushed by the silvers the ground beneath him was torn open. His body lay broken on the ground, his crew not afforded the opportunity to check to see if he still drew breath before. Hercules fell next. He was a giant of a man, his ability to use unanchor on earth was impressive but in Neithernor where magiq flowed freely his ability was only limited by his imagination. He had been shot down from the sky by some form of projectile. The last to fall was Spitfire. A boy of no more than 15, slaughtered by the silvers who sought Neithernor for themselves.

“Come on brother! We have to drive the Silvers out before we can close the last of the pathways to Neithernor” Tao, gripping his spear rushed forward to meet the silvers once more. The plan had been simple; track the last of the silvers, drive them out of Neithernor and close the last of the doors behind them. Saving Neithernor from the horrors of man till the Council opened the way once more. In their desperation to seize Neithernor for themselves though it appeared they where willing to, not only fight for it, but kill for it.
The Weatherwatch clutched his flintlock to his chest. He knew he was good but one shot was not going to save him from the onslaught of the six Silvers that chased them. Taking aim he fired, the size of the projectile grew becoming the size of a cannonball. Landing it tore up more of the beautiful land of Neithernor and sent two of the Silvers flying.

“I’m out of ammo” the Weatherwatcher called over to Tao, moving in time to dodge another tendril of roots bursting from the ground.
“This is why the spear is better then the cannon” Tao yelled back “It never runs out of…” He stopped short. A silver had snuck behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. The last thing the Weatherwatcher saw on the face of his crew mate was horror as the skin melted off his bones. There was nothing left of him when his spear fell to the ground.

Running from the scene of horror the Weatherwatcher threw himself to the side crying out as shards of earth pierced his flesh. In the trench of torn up earth the Weatherwatch went through his pockets to find something, anything that he could use to defend himself from the onslaught of the silvers. Reaching around he found a handful of small coins from various places, some needle and thread and a beaten up candle about the size of the palm of his hand. This will have to do I guess he thought to himself as he hastily scratched a sigil into the wax of the candle
“Look at the brave and mighty Weatherwatch we have here” the voice loomed over him a few moments he thought a few moments more
“I’ve never understood you who choose the path of wool and your precious guilds” the sliver planted his boot firmly into the Weatherwatchers ribs, driving the air from his lungs and forcing him to roll over. “You see their so called Bravery is nothing but foolishness”
“We aren’t brave because we’re foolish” the Weatherwatch slowly rose to his feet “We’re brave because we’re never alone” he pointed the candle skywards the wick bursting into flame. A blinding ray of light burst from the candle, far brighter than any natural light. All the silvers had to shield their eyes from the light, only the battered Weatherwatch could stand to keep his eyes open. As light slowly began to fade human shapes became visible, no longer was it just the one Weatherwatch surrounded by the four silvers. Tao, Globetrotter, Spitfire and Hercules all stood between the wounded Weatherwatcher and the Silvers.
“Thank you brother for this last chance to stand with you brother.” Clutching his ever present spear Tao gives his sideways grin. They aren’t even seperated after death the Weatherwatch thought.
" I’m sure we will be together again soon enough soon enough" The pain in the Weatherwatchers side was beginning to intensify thats never a good sign
“No way man, if anyone of us is ever gonna find the Futher Fire it’s gonna be you! Well that and I’m not sure the far shore is ready for our antics just yet”
“That being said” Globetrotter said cutting Spitfire off “Time for you to be off” shaking his chain bracelets and clicking them together Hercules unachored the wounded Weatherwatch sending him up into the sky.
“Onward, Onward to the Further Fire, For we are WEATHERWATCH”
The silvers fell before them. The Fall Watch showing them no quarter.

The Unachored charm carried the weary Weatherwatcher all the way back to the ship. Placing him gently onto the wooden deck. The ship itself was one of the many treasures that had been granted to them in their time in Neithernor. The wood of the deck came alive, little tendrils of vines stitched the wounds of the Weatherwatcher. After what seemed like an eternity the Weatherwatcher picked himself up and hobbled down into the captains quarters. Having once been sealed to all others apart from Globetrotter the door now swung open on his approach. The final, irrefutable, sign that now he was a crew on only one.
The captains ledger sat waiting on the desk. The beautiful leather bound book recordered all for the Weatherwatchers, not only for his crew but the whole fleet keeping them all updated on the adventures of each other and helping them to plot courses that would mean they intercepted each other.
The front had changed slightly where before it had read that Globetrotter was the captain it now read
The ledger of Capt. Blackbeard of the Queens Anne’s Revenge


Woah I am in awe. Thanks for finding this peice of history from the war.


Wow, @Skylad, I’ve been searching for any records that we have on Weatherwatchers who have used Fall Watch, but searches were always fruitless. I guess I just wasn’t looking far enough back, or perhaps I was avoiding anything written to close to the closing of Neithernor. Excellent find, as Sel said! I hope we can find some more things on the other affinities from the time before Neithernor was closed off to us.


It seems like our affinities where a lot easier to control and a lot more powerful too… not to mention the Silvers had some of their own which could be cause for some alarm


I’m blown away! This is awesome !!!


Great work Sky!


this is fantastic Sky. Genuinely good work, and now im inspired to do even better~