Emotions ---

They say magiq is derived from creativity and that creativity is derived from the emotions of the creator. So it is fair for one to assume that emotion can be transposed into magiq through a small bit of creation. This opens up a number of avenues of magiq, some positive and some negative.

Magiq can be a way to relieve oneself of emotions that have become particularly bothersome, as magiq is a resource that one can deplete oneself of. This is positive, it gives those with magiq the ability to maintain a positive outlook through constructive means. Even mundanes utilize creativity as a means of alleviating their emotions, the best examples of, presumably mundane, artists were often horribly depressed and over emotional. Their anguish and torment were channeled into their artworks. Men such as Van Gogh are great examples of this, though it is of great suspect that Van Gogh was an advanced Balimoran caster.

Though there is also a negative side to this. One can ascertain that it is likely that more intense emotions can trigger a more intense magiqal casting. Groups with less ethical approaches to life may manipulate this to their advantage, purposefully manipulating their casters so that their power may grow. Great pain can be written away with a pen and a bit of magiq. Perhaps a smart group could use this pain and anguish by storing it, building up a large reservoir of magiqal energy. This could arm hundreds of untrained initiates, all they’d have to do is manipulate the preexisting energy to perform whatever task they need, no need for the untrained to waste effort and resources learning how to create.