Email & Content Survey

Hey friends!

You may have seen a survey go out from us last week asking about your email preferences. We realize that emailing someone to ask whether or not they open our emails might be giving us a little bit of a skewed response, so I’m recopying the survey here to catch anyone we might have missed the first time around.

If you have not yet taken this survey, we’d be extremely grateful if you could lend a few minutes of your time to take it now! (It’s super short, literally only like eight questions).

Email & Content Survey

If you already took this survey via email, please do not take it again!

Your responses have been super helpful so far in informing how we’re going to shape our email strategy moving forward (i.e. more emails, fewer emails, types of email content), so any and all input is useful!

And of course, if you have any thoughts that don’t quite fit any of the questions, feel free to drop them here as well! Thanks so much.

Email & Content Survey


I…don’t remember if I took the survey or put it aside and had it get buried. :grimacing:

Edit: hopefully I didn’t already do it, but I don’t think I did (at least not recently).