Elements and Houses Used IRL Healing Arts

A little background to this topic. I had a business for five years doing healing and spiritual counseling type work. I have been on a sabbatical from it the past year but have been looking to return to it. When I came across a post here in the forum about the houses associated with each guild and the elements I took a screenshot for further assessment. When I went over it again, I realized the houses represented something I have been looking for to supplement the work I do.

Below is what I have so far, the idea is that at the beginning of the session the client chooses which house they want to work with. This helps to consolidate the energy towards a specific purpose instead of aimlessly heading out into the ethers.

Let me know what you think and I would Love to hear any suggestions, additions and/or alterations.

Light - The House of Exploration - Weatherwatch
Illumination, Revelation, Clarity
This work is done when the client is uncertain of where to go next or what path to follow. Has a calming effect that creates space around an issue of uncertainty.

Aether - The House of Humanity - Gossmere
Interconnection, Relation, Bonding
This house is called upon when there is relationship conflicts. Can also be effectively used to diminish feelings of anxiety and depression. A reminder that the client is never alone.

Ore - The House of Creation - Flinterforge
Manifestation, Inspiration, Motivation
When there has been an idea percolating but the steps necessary to manifest it have been prolonged. This house infuses the client with creative energy that oozes off of them.

Tides - The House of Purpose - Ebenguard
Soul Collection, Harmonization, Evolution
This is for big life changing work. Summoning the clients true purpose of their existence in this timeline. Brings together all pieces past and present through life and death.

Thought - The House of Reflection - Thornmouth
Truth Seeking, Memory Recall, Non-Attachment
Activating this house will alight the mindflame. Scouring the weave of magiq for any and all information that has ever existed. Can be useful for past/future life recalls as well as seeing the bigger picture in why circumstances are unfolding as they are.

Wilds - The House of Change - Balimora
Transformation, Transmutation, Unbinding
Harnessing the power of chaos, this house will manifest change on extraordinary levels. To be used when the client knows something needs to change, isn’t sure what and is afraid to seek it without assistance.


An interesting concept to be sure.


I love how Ebenguard is the house of connection :blue_heart: :crystal_ball:


This definitely reflects how I feel about Ebenguard! Really cool connection, WAZ.


Thanks! After I wrote it there was definitely a stronger affiliation with my guild and what being an Ebenguard represents :sparkles:

I’m thinking about writing some incantations that will open the doors to the houses. I’ll post those next :kissing_heart::sparkles::heart:


Not gonna lie I was definitely thinking a different type of healing and I was completely prepared to pop into a story of when I’ve had to “fulfill” my role as a medic.

Other than my miscommunication, I really love this idea… This makes me want to write a short story in the Maqiqverse (most likely medieval though) and have these play in and help the main character along his journey.


Well, hopefully once I get a good system going for it I can share it with all of you.

I feel like it would be Interesting to have a real energetic experience with Magiqverse magiq :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


I do this thing based off Hollow Knight where I just focus my Soul(™) toward what’s best for me. Sometimes that might just be getting a Coke to feed the addiction, but hey, if it works


Hollow Knight?


It’s a video game with a lot of love put into it by just a few (3?) dudes; Absolutely beautiful.

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I like the idea they can help one another in different areas.


Some people have trouble identifying what they themselves are experiencing: their own emotions, thoughts, desires. I feel as though that could be a good addition to a guild-- self-reflection and self-observation.