Ebenguard Marking the Day of Change

On the eastern coast of Neithernor, the impending shift is sensed well before its arrival. As the tides tell of oncoming storms, it would only make sense for all of Ebenrest to notice the Day of Change’s effect on the balance, giving them ample time to prepare.

Good morrow, @Ebenguard! (to cover all the time zones) I hope all of you are well, relatively-speaking, and that this year hasn’t been too terrible of late.

You may have noticed (or not, since time still hasn’t quite regained its meaning since lockdowns) that the Day of Change, September 23rd, is coming up fast. It’s hard to believe that we’re already commemorating three years since the original Day!

We know from previous goings-on that the old Ebenguards and the other guilds celebrated Assembler’s Day, though we know nothing of specifically what was involved beyond them gathering together.

As the new generation of Ebbies, with our own day of significance to mark, how do we celebrate the Day of Change? Do we invite other guilds over for part of the festivities? Do we have our own special Ebenguard traditions that we keep within the guild?

What do you all think?


Invite all the friends. And all the not yet friends.

I don’t know, I sort of have this sort of headcannon so let me explain.

Naturally healers of all sorts end up in Gossmere and they have their whole Common Drum thing, so they get the assumed responsibility of being the welcoming party, the ones to aid others in times of need, etc. Don’t get me wrong, they are exactly that, but they’re not JUST that, and it’s not a strictly Gossmere thing either.

So my headcannon is that Ebenguard, and by extension Ebenrest, have a sort of open door policy. Well, maybe more of a revolving door where people come and go as they please, but they know we’ll always be there waiting for them to return.
Yes, people can go to Gossmere, but they can also come to us to. You will always get the help you need, you will always be protected and safe, you will always find calm to weather your storm.
Where Gossmere is the vibrant, colourful celebration of life with all its highs and lows, and the unquestionable sense of belonging; I feel Ebenguard is the quiet stability that allows you to heal and rediscover your purpose.

So because I have that as a headcannon for the guilds, I see no reason why Ebenguards wouldn’t throw open the doors and allow whomever to come celebrate with us, ya know?


Day of Change feels like a combination of New Year’s and Independence Day, both celebratory and reflective.

I feel like Ebbies in particular would make DoC resolutions, looking at where things have been in the past year, and how they might better keep the Golden Balance in the next.

It would also be cool if there were an Ebbie version of the Highland Games as part of the celebration.

Ebbies also likely have one of the better places to set off fireworks (that my brain has decided are a Flinter-Goss collaboration).

Definitely plenty of ways for Ebbies to have as much or as little socialization as they’d like in their celebration.


This is amazing, thank you @Ginger. Ebenrest definitely has solitude/prayer/meditation chambers where all are welcome for sanctuary.


Yes yes yes

I agree it’d be a sort of Highland games vibes where there’s challenges in all sorts of areas like dance or archery or any crazy thing people desire. I also like the vibe that it’s more of a demonstration of skill and growth than a petty competition to win some silly prize. Or maybe that’s just the Highland games out here … but there seems to be a deep respect for anyone willing to compete regardless of performance and that just screams Ebbie to me for some reason. Plus like the food, the craftsmanship on display, the stalls full of gear and other trinkets, and the gathering of people and sense of community would very much be how Ebenguard celebrates I feel, topping it off with a grand old party at the end of course!