Hello Mounties. It is Gav, Eaves’ boyfriend. Sorry in advance for my english.

I have come down to the village since no electricity has been with the castle for now over two weeks to tell you about what has happened.

Please know that everyone is safe.

When we still had power we were all gathered for a weekly family dinner. I made a mistake that I didn’t know was a mistake. I mentioned why Eaves had gone to the village the day before, which was to mail the codex to Endri. I didn’t realize many didn’t know that the journal that was found was magical, and no one knew that he had gotten rid of it but me. Yuri didn’t know any of this, and things took a very serious tone. They argued and raised their voices, which I had never heard from Eaves, and Yuri accused him of making choices for everyone when we are supposed to be working together. She thought Saberlane might have left it at Lion’s Heart to also help the adepts learn more about themselves.

Eaves wanted me to take his side, to say that it was too hard to manage the codex with all the issues with the power and that it was in safe hands, but I was confused. I didn’t know what exactly to say. He yelled at me, at us. He yelled that we have a good life here, and it keeps getting interrupted.

He yelled that he is sick of magic, and all the lights went out.

Yuri yelled back that she and the other adepts cannot just leave behind magic because it is a part of them.

Eaves walked out to the other side of the castle, and that is where he has been since, and with him, the electricity.

It is very tense here, some understanding Eaves, some understanding Yuri, some like me understanding both but not knowing what to do.

And many are saying that what is happening to the castle is somehow connected to Eaves.

I write only to let you know. I will tell you more when I can.


Oh Gav…it’s nice to hear from you directly, though I wish the circumstances were different. I hope you’re holding up alright. Something definitely isn’t right, but I’m sure we can figure it out. We haven’t forgotten you all, and you’re still a priority for us! Stay safe, and let us know if something changes!!


Ditto what Tinker said.

With a follow-up - what are the chances Eaves will find out that you’re conecting with us, causing another situation at LH? Have you tried to make your own account here, especially now that Eaves is so upset and might do something drastic like delete this account? Also, if Eaves’ emotions are having such an effect on the electricity, there might be something bigger going on with him as a person. It’s worrying to me. And we want to help all of you succeed at Lion’s Heart.

Finally. As a former English major who also works in a college specifically devoted to langauge & literature, thought your English was incredible, do not fear writing to us in any way, you are more than clear.


Gav this sounds awful and I’m so sorry you guys have to deal with this. Please know that, like @Tinker and @eternalhearts said, we are always here for you and making sure you are safe and happy is our number one priority.

On a practical note, maybe the reason the electricity is only on around Eaves is because he is rejecting magic. The castle’s magic might be retreating from him, and thus the electricity works around him. Maybe after all that work helping the castle learn to function with technology, Eaves rejecting it made Lion’s Heart decide that there are only two options. Either have magic and no electricity, or electricity and no magic.

This seems like a really extreme shift for Eaves too, were there any signs or any weird behaviors or comments he made before this all happened?


Hello, it is Gavril. I am going back to the castle today but glad I got your response.

It is hard to say because we have been very happy and he has been working very hard to make sure everyone here is happy. I suppose that with Yuri, it has been difficult for the adepts, and so they are having a harder time.

Maybe I have not seen because we two are happy together.

I did read back his messages after I saw you response and electrical always seemed to break after he helped Mountaineers and he felt stress to get back to work at Lion’s Heart. I saw his stress when he was helping everybody, you and Basecamp 34.

Going back home now and I will look better and go talk to him about stress. I was not sure what to do or say but you have made me brave. Thank you all!


Hello, it’s Gavril.

I am writing from Lion’s Heart, and it is very late. Eaves wants to first tell you that he is sorry for how he has been and will tell you about it soon, but things are hectic now. He has not slept for several days.

We have much to get in order after Sunday, which was an extraordinary and interesting night.

When I come back from the village, I went to Eaves and learned that he became suspicious of the castle’s responding to his feelings. While I was gone, he had written down all the times he could remember when the castle changed beside his feelings of worry and stress. They were like peas on a pod, he said.

He apologized to me, and then later when everything was done, also to Yuri and the others. He regretted making such a big decision as their leader, sending away the book without talking to them first. I don’t think I have to tell you who he said he was behaving like.

Yuri, Eaves, Portencia, Locky, and others are all now working together (very happy there) on getting to the bottom because Sunday Eaves tried to test the castle’s feelings of him, and he tried to see how far he could get by walking before the power came back. The castle was not happy. Not so much scary, but some things were broken, and doors and windows opened and somewhere at night, all night, the sound of horns. Eaves couldn’t first find his way back because of the dark from the new moon, so it went on for a long time. It was so strong, Charlie felt an emotion, one that didn’t belong to us. He thinks it was the castle.

Charlie said it was looking for Eaves. It was scared, the kind of scared you have when you think you lost someone.

I will write more immediately, or Eaves will after he wakes up. He is on the floor now, sleeping on Theoden. Tomorrow we work and worry but tonight he needs his sleep and his dog.


This is wonderful to hear. We were so worried about Eaves, and obviously there is still worrying to be done (as you said), but knowing he is sleeping and working things out is a balm to my nerves.

The castle’s connection to him also explains some of the issues you’ve been having. If it loves and relies on Eaves, his anxiety and anger probably fed into the castle’s own emotions, like a child or dog that gets anxious when their parent is anxious.

My heart has calmed immensely, just getting your message and knowing that everything is confusing but alright.


This is a feeling I know all too well. Rest up, Eaves. We’re rooting for you over here


Hey everybody, it’s Eaves this time.

There’s a lot to say, and first, I’m sorry, though I know you’ll probably tell me I don’t need to be. I am, and I hope you’ll accept my apology. It’s important to me.

I just went back to my previous posts. I could see the tone I had in my original update about life here at the castle just slowly dissolve into angsty, stressed-out mush over the course of the past couple months. I didn’t realize it was happening at the time. I was just trying to manage everything, be there for you and Saberlane, be here for Gav and Theo, be a point of hope for everyone at Lion’s Heart. It turns out that leadership is hard.

I don’t think I realized just how much I needed things to settle down for a little while, until they did, and then they were all suddenly unsettled again by the codex. Like something had broken through the castle’s defenses without us knowing, you know?

It’s just been a lot. Escaping the Silver, the journey from the other side of the world to the castle, losing the herald just before we made it here, finding out we’d also lost Ascender, and so many people who came to the sanctuary seeking a home and a way to learn more about who they were suddenly losing their connection to the magimystic when the age was born… It was hard to see them feel diminished, lesser than they were, and not be able to reassure them or help them.

I screwed up with the codex. Sending it, not telling anybody, all of it. I know. I wasn’t thinking. It could’ve gotten intercepted by someone, damaged, lost, or just stopped working the way Saberlane intended because it wasn’t where he left it. It was a bad move, I know. I just needed to lessen the weight I was carrying, and I knew it would be in good hands with Endri and Aether. I hope I didn’t screw anything up. If I did, I’ll do whatever you need me to do to make it right.

So that’s that. I’m sorry. I should’ve said everything, or something, to someone, but I thought I could fix it all myself. And I almost exploded.

So, onto the castle. For a brief second last Sunday, Charlie felt some kind of emotional aura when I was gone and everything went haywire. It turns out Sunday night was also a Leo new moon AND a lion’s gate portal, so maybe that’s why Charlie felt what he felt (a growing theory around BC34 is that some magimystic forces of the new age are connected with astronomical/astrological phenomena. Yuri is dying to explore that theory, but, well, you know…)

Regardless, something here is either scared of losing me or feeling like it needs to protect me, or both. It doesn’t seem to react to anyone else, and Charlie thinks it might’ve latched onto me because I’m the leader of BC34 (his words, not mine) and sort of the “steward of the castle.” Regardless of why, everything got worse when I started going through my particularly elevated emotional turmoil, including but not limited to cutting me (and everyone else) off from the outside world more and more often, specifically after the codex would do its thing.

We know Rasia knows a lot about Lion’s Heart, and her family has been keeping an eye on it and its residents for a long time, as far as we know, so Gav and a few others have “gone down the mountain” to find out what they can, about what this presence is, why it’s doing what it’s doing, and whether or not we can ask it to… you know, not.

Meanwhile, I’m up here with a skeleton crew and Theo hoping zero more things happen while they’re gone. I know it’s supposed to be protecting me, but I’m not so much about that haunted life, especially when Gav is gone.

So, it turns out our big stone puppy has some behavioral issues, and we need to get to the bottom of it before it gets worse because Guide knows the alternative solution, me managing to keep my feelings in check, is an even taller order than retraining a castle with separation anxiety.

They’ll be back first thing tomorrow morning, and as long as the power’s on, I’ll let you know what they learned if anything.

Love you all.


Hey, Eaves! It’s so good to hear from you (though we loved having Gav pop in to keep us updated).

First and foremost (and I think this could go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway), we fully accept your apology. I think you’ve thought about and unpacked your situation plenty enough, but I just wanted to add that even though what you did could have endangered the codex, I think a lot of us get it. While none of us have been through situations of the magimystic (or even emotional) magnitude you’ve been through, I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we just want to say “enough” and push what complicates our lives away. And while that can be dangerous or harmful to the larger situation, that doesn’t make other choices you have any easier. Your life over the past several years has been and continues to be a lot, but hopefully, your burdens will become easier to take on as everyone at BC 34 (and 33 to the extent we can) is working to figure this out.

We look forward to hearing from you and the rest of BC 34 soon! We love you all, too!


How could we not accept such a heartfelt apology! It’s wonderful to hear from you again and to know things are a little clearer.

I won’t say much about the Codex, but I will say that I’m glad you understand the potential consequences of your actions regarding it. I will also say that so far, it doesn’t look like that has been a huge issue, so at least for now, no harm no foul.

You seem to have everything mentally organized a bit better than before, but I also want to say that what you experienced sounds a lot like the natural burnout of someone with a whole heck of a lot on their plate. As an autistic disabled person, I can definitely relate to that, and say that even though you’ve recovered a little bit for now, it’s important to take steps to care for yourself so you don’t have to go through this again. If that means taking some time away from the weight of magiqal affairs every day or once a week or whatever works for you, then you should do that. Spend some time with your dog and a good book, or take a nap during a thunderstorm. Find time to just be you without the leadership or the magic or the history of Lion’s Heart.

Honestly, taking some of that time or setting aside more time to just BE with the castle might help both you and the magimystic entity that seems to have developed some attachment to you. And taking time for yourself away from magic might also help the castle deal with its separation anxiety, by showing it that when you leave (or in this case, spend time alone and not involved in magic) it’s not the end of the world. Kind of like when you work with a puppy with separation anxiety haha! Except this puppy is a building.

You might also spend some time just relaxing at the edge of the castle’s area of influence, maybe playing with Theoden. Show it that good things happen when you leave. If it’s worried about you, engaging in positive activities might assuage some of that concern over your wellbeing. When I was younger, I used to constantly get anxious and worry that my parents had been in a car crash or other accident when I was left alone, but when they sent pictures or texted me about their experiences, it helped me to get past that fear. My thought is doing the magimystical equivalent of texting or sending a nice picture of you having a good time might act as a similar balm for the castle.

We love you, Eaves. You matter to us more than you know.