Do You Have Questions for Fragment 12 - The Kemetic Solutions Rescue Mission?

Hey Mounties!
We’re recording the episode 12 podcast today at 1pm HST, if you have questions about EVERYTHING that went down in fragment 12, post them below and we’ll answer them!


Did you guys have a contingency plan for if we had decided to something like a large scale Consolotory Teatime or wreak some kind of other crazy havoc in the KS building, rather than take the stealth approach(es) that we did?

I saw this meme a week or two ago, and I’ve been dying to ask this question since:



I seem to remember we never got the last piece of portencia’s drawing. Is that right? Was that intentional?

==Background you don’t have to read on the podcast
We were collecting them, and then we got to the big finale and Teddy revealed he had the last piece of portencia’s mind in his head the entire time, and then the KS site went down a couple minutes later when the storm hit and we lost access to her drawing. So we never got to see the last piece fill in. Was there significance in that last piece?


This fragment and fragment 11 saw a big influx of new Mountaineers (including me) from what appears to have been a successful run of ads - did you have to do anything specific for the increased number of people working on the fragments, in terms of things like volume of posts? Or was it not really different than, say, the Fauna fragments?

What about organization, in terms of the making a spell and spellcasting - did you ever feel like you wanted to step in and help organize, or was it a “they’re doing this on their own, and the dice will fall where they may” sort of decision? This ties into the first question - it was a pretty big risk to take to leave us to our own devices. Do you feel that this worked well?


I have a 3rd assessment question, if you’re covering that here? (I know Fletcher Dawson ended up leading into the Time key as much as wrapping up Cosmos, so if not don’t worry about it.)

What was the process like for creating that crazy global constellation puzzle? Did you create the constellation shapes around that assessment design, or did the constellations come first and then you found ways to fit them into city landmarks? And how much was the Myth of Elainnor story influenced by the constellation shapes, or vice versa? This whole series of clues and tie-ins transitioning between phases felt so beautifully cohesive, so I wondered what parts came first.


Ye on the global constellations thing we never really got an explanation of why they matched up with those cities as we kinda finished it by force