Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

So the new Dark Crystal prequel is out for viewing! I’ve only seen the first episode so far but wow, it’s off to an amazing start! They’re bringing in so much of the background lore and they managed to make the Skeksis even worse!

Has anyone else watched it yet?

Also, major Balimora vibes from the cave Gelfling! “Can’t argue with a tree! Ha!” :balimora:


It’s definitely on my list, but it might have to wait a couple days/until the weekend. I actually only just watched the original Dark Crystal movie in the spring…somehow I had managed to see Labyrinth as a kid but not that movie…


Tinker, I never saw the original either (still haven’t), but I watched the first two episodes yesterday and I’m already in love with this. It helps that the music is also so me, lol. I need to binge watch the rest of the series, and buy the soundtrack…


Definitely getting the Thorinth vibes from Ha’Rah (I think that’s how it’s spelt?). I’m on the third episode now and can attest that it is worth watching if you like anything by the Jim Henson studio.


Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to binge watch the series but I want to re-watch the original first. I love that baby Toby from the Labyrinth is an animator/puppeteer for the new series though, its such a neat little bit of nostalgia.


We watched episode 5 last night and Mother Aughra’s dancing gives me life! :star_struck: I’m so impressed by the storytelling and the artistry. You can tell just heaps of love went into making this.

I love all the new characters, but Hup the Podling is so precious with his spoon!