Cynical's Journal

Hello all! I figured it was about time I actually went through with making one of these. Everyone else has such lovely journals, and I really enjoy reading everyone’s musings and posts about their lifes and interests and so on!

So, hello! I’m Cynical, or Cyn. I live in the San Francisco bay area in California, and have my whole life. I’m 26 currently, asexual, and chronically ill with some sort of autoimmune disorder that doctors have been trying to figure out and properly diagnose for nearly four years now. I’m an actor and a storyteller, and at this point 99% of my life revolves around sharing, acting out, and creating stories.

When there is not a global pandemic outside, and when my health allows, I travel a lot for the sake of my hobbies. In my attempts to spend as much of my life as possible avoiding reality and telling stories, I do this thing called larp, which stands for live-action roleplay. Specifically, I primarily focus on American Freeform and Nordic-inspired styles of larp. For those unfamiliar, think of it as a live, unscripted, community-driven storytelling event, where you and all the other participants get together for a weekend or longer, acting out intricate and diverse narratives through improvisation and collaboration. (You could also be much less fancy about it and just call it ‘D&D off the table’ or ‘what happens when those kids playing make believe grow up and have adult money’. :wink:) I’ve traveled all over the us and beyond to participate both as staff and normal participants, and I am really going stir crazy waiting for it to be safe to do again.

When I’m not doing that, I can usually be found writing, crafting, wearing costumes, or gaming (video, tabletop, live, any types of games are games I’ll play). I’m a huge psychology and mythology nerd, and I’m a practicing kemetic pagan.


Cwtch I feel you!
LARP will happen again and we’ll all be out having fun soon, touch wood!

I have all my fingers and toes crossed. Hopeful for a kit fayre in a couple weeks and LARP in May, I haven’t seen most my LARP family since 6months pre pandemic :/


Hopefully soon!!! :sob: I was supposed to attend a larp in New Orleans earlier this month, but it got postponed for obvious reasons.
Some local boffer larps are starting to be up and running again, but due to my health boffer-style games are extremely difficult for me. It’s been hard watching all my local larp friends get to start participating in the hobby again while I have to keep waiting!


:eyes: would you have been going to Armistice Arcane? I don’t LARP myself (definitely want to, but too anxious to go by myself…and also less interested in boffer games, which I thought was the only type of game for a long time), but I follow a few LARP/immersive experience youtubers and a couple have done that one and it looks amazing! Hopefully things get better and you can get back to it!


I’m one of the faction leaders at the upcoming Armistice Arcane, yes! :grin: That is indeed the game I was supposed to attend (and hopefully still will be attending whenever the universe actually lets the staff run it)! I believe this is the final AA planned to be run, but Peculiar Crossroads is such an amazing larp company, I have nothing but praise for them and am very much looking forward to what they do next.

And also, if going by yourself is what’s been keeping you from trying it, hey, you officially know at least one person! (No but seriously if you’re ever actually interested in trying it, totally hmu! There are some pretty amazing and beginner-friendly projects coming up on the horizon I could point you at, and I will absolutely take credit as a bad influence.)