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Hey folks, it’s Eaves. I can’t sleep.

So… crazy couple weeks, yeah? I’m super proud of you guys (and feel your success reflects well on me as your BC ambassador.)

One thing I was thinking… who’s the Tumblr-er that posted the fraylily drawing at Who’s CR Sumner?

He/she said he/she dreamed that flower. The blog is LOADED with magic/fantasy stuff. Future Mountaineer with prophetic dreams? I don’t know, sounds kind of awesome to me…

I know DG is hands off right now per Ascender (anybody heard from him lately?) but he didn’t mention Sumner. And the point right now is to build up our team, yeah? Go Team?

So all that left me with one question… Better to ask permission or beg forgiveness?

So… I just emailed Sumner. Figured I wasn’t the only one who thought of this.

Did anyone else? Hello? Please?

Think I’ll go for a walk. It’s raining tonight.


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He hasn’t posted anything new to his Tumblr yet, which might not be a concern since it appears he seems to post, on average, every week to ten days. He did have several posts on July 17 which may need further looking into since that date has significance. If he’s tapped into the Book of Briars enough that he can dream of the Fraylily, it is perfectly reasonable to assume the Book influenced his posts on that date. So what are those posts? There are six.

  1. A GIF of a drawn house with smoke rising from its chimney.
  2. A single post with five images of castles, four of them in the mountains.
  3. A single post with 8 images of the Clementinum/Klementinum in the Czech Republic (Czechia) which is being used as a library (absolutely GORGEOUS!).
  4. A picture of a carved wooden bust. Half of the bust is covered with sea coral, tentacle suckers, starfish.
  5. A picture of the six book CRSumner read in June: Bowie, Voyager, Glimt Af Hab, Eddikepigen, Egghead, and The Shooting Party.
  6. A single post of ten images, all showing travelers approaching a distant city or castle with two exception: one with a boy and bear “conversing” outside a jungle ruin and three astronauts (?) examining a smoking mark in the ground in a very inhospitable looking landscape.

This rabbit hole could be a big waste of time, but like I said, if the Book of Briars sent CRSumner the Fraylily in a dream, then the posts on this date could very well be hiding clues we need to find the next fragment.



In addition to that mobile version of has header image with some painting and strange avatar.


Also it might be reference to author Title: The Flower of Evil


Piki that is a GREAT find! Even if it isn’t related (though hard to see how it’s not with a story titled “The Flower of Evil”) It will be fun to read!

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Interesting that you used the term “rabbit hole” @Mike. :-/

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I asked CRSummer about frylily and now you can see response here:
Also couple of new posts were added which might be interesting.

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Um, one of his posts from Aug 21st is like deathy mcdeath death death.

“The image opens the Office of the Dead, a series of prayers to be said in anticipation of death or in remembrance of the dead.”

Dirge much?

Feels like this is something but right now there are too many moving pieces for me to correlate. HELP!

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Hello Cryttter here, trying to catch up on all the stuff!

There some new paintings and a Q/A on the tumblr:
Senyor Quer by Santiago Rusiñol which somehow stands out of the general fantasy pictures, and an “Office Space” reference in the Q/A … Can´t connect it to the actual fragments, but it could be good to keep an eye on the tumblr.

Also there is one strange thing in the “Archive” section: In July theres a “video” (at least it shows me the video play button in the thumbnail) but when I click the pic there is no video at all - only the jane austen book pic… - but maybe its just becoause this ic is part of a flickr slideshow?


Un-frickin-believable. I have hit refresh on that damn tumblr page every day 10 times a day for two weeks and finally, on Sunday, I closed the tab, deciding nothing more would be forthcoming. :unamused:


Sorry about that @Johanna. I came to the same conclusion you had that we weren’t going to get any more…unless we stirred the pot a bit. I figured I’d try a more conversational question and see where it went. Sunday night I was surprised I got a response.

I don’t know. Based on limited information this person seems interested and relatively open to discussing magical things. I’m thinking my next question will drop the name of the Guide to Magiq in passing and see what reaction that gets.

Best case scenario: He (I’m assuming he’s a he, I guess) remembers reading it or googles it and finds us and he’s on board as an ally.

Worst case scenario: He googles us and comes to the conclusion some sort of cult has been stalking him for months because of a picture of a flower he posted. (But we’re a friendly cult… really!)

Middle case scenario: He doesn’t seem interested, or ‘something’ prevents him from finding the guide online, much like Deeds can’t see our comments and we figure out where to go from there.

Any thoughts or interest in dissuading me from moving this conversation onwards? I’m open to any ideas.

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No, I’m glad you were proactive @Robert! Would be very interested to see how the Magiq Guide hook goes over with him! Will he bite? Will it lead somewhere? Fingers crossed!

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News stuff here again: A book reference to “All the light we cannot see” by Anthony Doerr and a mermaid…

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So, we got a second response. And it seems he clearly has heard of the guide to Magiq.

I’m of two minds on this.

  1. Use him as a vague resource. Ask him questions if he knows anything about specific topics, like the dirge, and that’s it.


  1. Just come out and say ‘you should check out our webpage. Someone used the art you dreamt about to lock some secrets and there’s some freaky stuff going on here.’ More tactful than that.

I’m leaning towards the second option. This saves us the problem that he finds us by accident later and realizes we’re talking about him at length. Plus he seems super stoked to talk about this.

Any other thoughts?