Creed of the Ebenguard

An Ebenguard acknowledges pain, but is never ruled by it.
In times of uncertainty, we stand ready to answer the call.
Common men and women, with an uncommon desire
To uphold The Golden Balance.

The soul of the Ebenguardian who enters into adversity
Is not one of sadness – An Ebenguard is joyful in these times.
For Struggle produces Perseverance; Perseverance, Character;
And Character, Hope.

Forged by Adversity, the Ebenguard know their good fortune
To stand beside their Bretheren in service to the All.
Humbly, we follow those who have gone before,
Ready to Lead, ready to Follow, Never to Quit.

It is the Honor of Ebenguard and the Heritage to swear
Our lives, our bodies, and our breath to our Comrades.
We go forward with joy, understanding our destiny, having
Heard the Whispers of the Balance in our hearts.

We are the Tide, we are the Shore.
We are the Grey light of Morning that pierces the Darkness,
Accepting and Embracing both.
We stand brave, united on the shores of day and night. We are Ebenguard.