Create Your Summoning Circle

Just for fun:

Create your personal summoning circle. It includes:

  1. Your favorite book from childhood
  2. Your favorite item of clothing/jewelry
  3. The last food you ate
  4. The closest item to your right
  5. The last (non-living) thing you purchased, (different than the last thing you ate) aflame
  6. A photo of your teenage hero dressed in your most regrettable halloween costume

And a circle of sand the same color as whatever you’re wearing.

Your summoning enchantment goes as follows:

I call (your name), by the power of (the last musical artist you listened to) and the (your favorite element, ex: wind, sea, earth, flame, ore, etc.)!

Phrase it however you want! Bonus points for illustrations and/or photos, obv.

Here’s mine:

In a circle of rainbow sand (I like to think it’s funfetti style, not necessarily a gradient), arrange a copy of If I Found a Wistful Unicorn, my round gold eyeglasses, a coconut milk ice cream cone (dirty horchata cookie + caramel vanilla blondie IN AN OATMEAL COOKIE WAFFLE CONE for those who are curious), a thermos of rosé, flaming nachos, and a photo of Kurt Cobain dressed as a goth Alice in Wonderland (I feel like this photo probably actually exists somewhere).

To summon me, say the following:
I call Carlisle Rose/@witchery, by the power of King Princess and the crystalline waters of the alpine lakes!

I will def show up for this.


im literally dying of laughter!!! :joy::joy::joy:


This is gonna be baaaaad :joy:

I’m standing in the circle of Silmarillion, my silver cufflinks, scotch pies (two cause, in the end, I’m a hypocrite trying to lose some weight), a stolen bus window (someone please help me already, it’s gonna go even worse), BURNING POUCH OF AMBER LEAF TOBACCO (devil laugh) (if this doesn’t count then sorry but I’m not setting my laptop ablaze for the League of Legends iG LeBlanc skin), a photo Tuomas Holopainen wearing drag (hmmm).

Everything with a mandatory black and blue sand circle.

I call Mateusz (or just @Drus) by the power of Madonna and the storming midnight tides of Orkney.



In a circle of midnight blue and gold sand sit a copy of Patricia Wrede’s Talking to Dragons, a emerald green and light blue paisley tie (his name is “Elrond,” btw. I didn’t name him that, the manufacturer did ), honey Chipotle lime shrimp tacos with blackened corn and red peppers and pickled red onion, a pair of 40 lb dumbells with Fat Gripz, a cheerfully burning pair of blue-lensed polarized aviators, and a photo of Green Lantern dressed like himself, except with a pair of green silk men’s briefs over black jogging pants instead of his regular uniform.

“I call Augustus Octavian (no, not that one) by the power of Joywave and the hottest, brightest flames of the summer campfire.”

Pop You called?


In a circle of baby blue sand, place a copy of Town Mouse and Country Mouse (I read it so much as a kid at one point I could recite it), a silver ring set with a blue zircon (zircon is one of my birthstones), a pack of minstrels (as much as I need to loose weight, I was watchign a film…), a pillow, a bottle of Lucozade (I’m expecting to pull an all-nighter to get work done, so energy drinks are needed), and a photo of… (um, I didn’t really have a teenage idol, and I pretty much wear the same halloween outfit every year).

“I call upon Nimueh Neith by the power of Charpentier (yay, music degree!) and the all encircling waters of the oceans.”


This is so bad XD

In a circle of marbled blue and white sand, arrange a stainless steel ring, frozen French toast sticks, a camouflage backpack, a flaming stuffed flamingo, and a photograph of Moroni dressed as a lego (oh my gosh I’m going to heck) around a copy of any Nancy Drew book.

To summon me, chant the following:

I call Avalon Dewey, by the power of X Ambassadors and the swiftly flowing waters of the Lethe! (Because I forget everything)

Maybe I won’t be deaf XD


I stand in a circle of the entire Warriors series, a pair of really avant garde sunglasses, a veggie burger, my computer mouse, gasoline aflame (good god), and Dave Grohl dressed as a homemade charmander costume, that looked slightly more like Augmon.

And all this sit in a circle of grey and gold sand.

The summoning: I call Andrew, by the power of Big Gigantic and the earth!


To summon the Viv, in a circle of black and rose-colored sand, place:

  1. A copy of C.S. Lewis’s Prince Caspian
  2. A black beaded 90’s plastic choker (one of these suckers)
  3. Shrimp tacos
  4. A fidget cube
  5. Ackerly Green guild pins, but aflame (for some reason?)
  6. A photo of Avril Lavigne dressed as Hermione Granger. (This one was hard; I didn’t really have a teenage hero, and have never regretted a Halloween costume. This one came closest because it wasn’t warm enough.)

And then chant:

“I call Viviane, by the power of The Schola Cantorum of St. John Cantius and the Woods!” (Yes I know I’m a Flinterforge but I’m a Wood Without in Chinese 5e acupuncture, sooo…)


This is horrid and i love it


In a circle of glittering black sand, place:
Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (I was precocious I know)
A well-worn leather jacket
Chocolate strawberry cupcakes (only the healthiest breakfast for yours truly)
A floor to ceiling bookshelf (will not compromise on this point. I need more book storage.)
A jar of maraschino cherries
And a photo of G-Dragon dressed as a card soldier from Alice in Wonderland but also a dog. (My family wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland group costume, I wanted to be a dog, so I did both. I went looking for photos but couldn’t find one thank goodness.)

Recite the following:
I call Sellalellen, by the power of Blackpink, and the power of Thought!


In a circle of plaid sand (yes it’s a color), arrange a copy of The Spiderwick Chronicles Book 1: The Field Guide; a gigantic, blue, comfy sweatshirt from Target; one mini-cucumber; Blue Velvet(?) incense on a wooden platter; a flaming Arizona Energy can; and a photo of Elon Musk as a zombie

To summon me, say:
“I call Leland Dyke by the power of Panic! At The Disco and the swamped forest!”


All the KPop :joy:
I love it

Which BlackPink track are you bumping to? :eyes:


Du-du Ddu-Ddu. But I also showed Kill This Love to my little brother today too.


Both BOPS and both choreographed by one of my favs Kyle Hanagami

I know Ddu-du Ddu-du choreo and I’m currently working on Kill this Love because it’s just fun. Might film it and show you if you’re into that

Now back to your regularly scheduled summoning circle broadcast


FYI, for anyone wondering why I included embarrassing teenage nostalgia: it’s because I believe that sacrificing shame is a key to magic :wink:

Also, the last thing you bought, on fire: sacrificing physical symbols of wealth/money/capitalism.

Roots of who you were, who you are, and your current state. All of it has some meaning, even though it’s pretty silly!


In a circle of burgundy sand, place a copy of Sabriel, my black chinos (they’re frayed on the seam of the inner thigh :sob:), rice with carrots, a folded white sheet, a 10-litre bottle of water (aflame), and a photo of John Oliver dressed as Goofy.

“I call Remus, by the power of Griffin McElroy and the wind gusts of the Midwest!”


Sabriel was a very close second for my summoning circle. Great book.


I’m also working on the choreo for Kill This Love! I only know the easy bit for Ddu-du Ddu-du but it’s fun anyhow.


In a circle of black sand, arrange a copy of Inkheart, a leather jacket, a burrito, a Halloween cat bucket filled with miscellaneous stationery supplies, flaming watercolor brushes, and a photo of David Bowie dressed as a cowboy riding a cardboard horse.

To summon me, say the following:
I call Rev, by the power of The Damned and the bottomless Missouri River!


In a circle of red and grey sand is arranged a copy of Brian Jaucqes Redwall, a bow tie, a banana, a backpack, a flaming copy of the necronomicon, and Neil Gaiman wearing a dorky store bought dark wizard costume.
“I call Aspen, by the power of Jack Johnson and the Earth!”