I have been wondering about if MAGIQ has corrupted or warped the people that wielded it, and if so how it affected the guilds.


Well, it’s not “corrupted” it’s more like it disappeared. But I’m sure that in the past there were those who abused their magiqal power to manipulate the world to their whims. But nowadays there simply isn’t enough power to cast anything like that without a very large group of casters.


I believe that Magiq has and can be corrupted, or can be used with ill intent, lack of preparation or knowledge and cause some nasty side effects. For example the people of Kimetic solutions and there experiments with the adepts have shown more than once that Magiq can either act wildly or react unpredictably to their preconceived notions of its workings. With Aether and Portencia both exhibiting what seems to be extraordinary practicing of their Magiq’s. I reckon the effects in the past and present have most like affected the guilds equally but I would also I believe reasonably assume that The Guilds would have the means to deal with these issues as they arose. In my thinking in normal practice of Magiq there is not a high frequency of corruption, however present day their is a veil preventing us from seeing, feeling and practicing with Magiq so the chances are even higher of a negative side effect, which is why the most important thing for us is safety as we rediscover these spells, rituals, hexes and etc. because our guild libraries aren’t what they used to be and our collective experience within the guilds Magiq’s is relatively low. So if we do end up “corrupting” something i don’t believe it would be an easy fix. :thornmouth::tinfoilhat:


I think corruption is a loose term, one that has become so present in our modern world we often fail to see it.
Corruption does not mean a lack of good, it just means a presence of evil, and unlike my Ebenguard counterparts I think there is far too much grey inbetween.

However, the “darker” sides of the guilds are very present in some, and less so in others.

What is an Ebenguard willing to do to keep the peace?
How far is a Weatherwatch willing to go in order to chase the furthur fire?
Would a Gossmere kill to save those they love?

Can any of these things be seen as corruption? Can all of them be seen that way?


Thank you all for your input it has given me much to think on :-) :thornmouth: