Confusion to thine enemies

Note: I’m writing this down not to jam my ideas across. I just had an idea I liked and wanted to write it down. Feel free to ignore this, belittle it, pull it apart, use it in pieces or not at all. I’m easy. :slight_smile: I just needed to write this down before it tore a hole out of my head.

Spell: Confusion to Thine Enemies

This spell attempts to harness the momentary paralysis that ones gets seeing something utterly unexpected (known henceforth as the ‘WTH moment’. ) It then relies on image matrixing of each subject to then immediately see the next most unlikely things they could ever see, continuing on as long as possible. The resulting chaotic feedback loop keeps the subjects entranced in general confusion.

As such recurring themes in this spell are randomness, spontaneity and imagination.

Warning: People with no imagination, little life experience or general curmudgeons tend to be less effected by this spell.

Pre casting ritual. In each of the days leading up to the casting a participant must state in a public location “I wish to participate in this spell. I will do so at this time.” followed by a time not more than an hour from the statement. As many people as possible should be available to witness their participation… If their part of the ritual is recorded it can be viewed anytime before the final step.

During each individuals step they must tell a story of the most unexpected thing that has ever occurred in their life. Ideally it should not be a story anyone listening has previous heard. It can be sad, funny, whimsical, even made up as long as the unexpected or chance plays a part.

At the completion of each story, the individual will show a container (bag, jar, origami box, whatever) that contains an item that represents one of the 6 elements. They will not show the item, or reveal what element it is. They will keep this container, using it as a focus, on them until the final step. They may use any method they chose of picking their element and are not constrained in any way.

Any number of people can contribute on a given day. Ideally at least one person contributes in each day leading up to the final casting.

At the time of the final casting, all particpants come together in some forum. If one cannot make it another can take their place, but it slightly diminishes the potency. In the order the people took their first steps each person will speak. The first person will open their container and show their item, and announce what element they selected.

The second person will then tell part of a story, or a poem, or say something based on that element. The second person will then reveal their item and element, and the third person will continue the story from the last using that new element as inspiration. Bear in mind the focus of this is chaos and unexpectedness so ‘In a complete other story…’ is a perfectly fine segue if you can’t come up with anything else.

This continues until the last person has gone and revealed their element, and the first person who spoke will finish the story their item had begun.

The circle so complete they will say ‘May their imaginations run wild and their minds be clouded. See what you want, and do not see what we do not want you to see.’

At this point some form of distraction must be initiated in coordination with the completion of the ritual, a random collection of images, a shifting pattern, or interesting set of runes will flash before the eyes of the targets of this spell, causing their imaginations to leap to wild speculation and paralyzing wonderment.

Defenses: Defense against this spell (for those you do not want to effect) is in the form of unchanging fact or belief. Those who wish to not be effected by this spell must repeat, either aloud, or in their mind, one pure, unchangeable thing they know or believe. They must continue to do this as long as they wish protection from the spell.
The person’s statement must be personal to them, and they must never doubt it for a second. In a pinch, repeating your birth name over and over should offer some protection.

This fact must have been true at least for the duration of the ritual and the longer the better. It is very important you do not use this statement as a springboard for your imagination. If your protection mantra is ‘The sun will come up tomorrow’ and you for a split second entertain the idea ‘You know in a few billion years it’ll expode…’ you’re already gone. Blind, unimaginative repetition is your only real defense.


This is awesome Robert! I absolutely love the idea of taking advantage of that “WTH Moment”. Thanks for sharing this!


A spell who’s strength comes from the target’s imagination? It sounds like something designed to be most effective against the Mountaineers…eh, what’s the worst that could happen? :grin: