CJB vs. Saberlane

So, I think having a dedicated Saberlane username has been great for immersion and separating my personas.

But… switching between the two is a bit of a pain, simply because I’ll see something I want to like either mundane or magiqal, and realize that I’m in the wrong account and have to decided to sign out, back in, find the post again and then like/comment, or… more likely, I’m too busy and I swear I’ll get back to it and then forget…

So, since the Saberlane account has become so useful, would you guys suspend disbelief enough for me to use that one account in and out of world, like in Elsewhither/The Cabinet?

If you feel you need that break, I will deal with it, because that matters most to me, but if it doesn’t matter as much having your Saberlane peanut butter in your out-of-world chocolate, let me know!

(I’m having A TON of fun interacting with you all as Sabes.)


I think the problem between the two is keeping in mind on our part what CJB knows versus what Sabes “knows” in world, not having been much of a part of our great adventure during TMP. He can read up like any new Mountie, I guess. It becomes clumsy when interacting with Sabes, for example with the AGP Bookstore “who’s posting this stuff… Weird” thread versus our background knowledge of the incredible Mastermind story teller we’ve come to know as CJ Bernstein. We are used to interacting with you differently in character, like with Endri and crew.

I get that it’s probably more clumsy and awkward for you to toggle between the two accounts as it is for us to cognitively do the same if you used the same account. Maybe just use the CJB account less to keep things more immersive? Like CJB for clear behind the scenes stuff like Publisher’s Diary entries only and Sabes for everything else?


That all makes sense. And listen, Sabes is not above scrutiny. He’s now managing a big arm of what was part of TMP. If you have questions, feel free to ask him. I think having more perspective on where he was, what he was doing, and what he knows may help round out the character for you all?

I’m also roleplaying him as not wanting to step on the toes of The Mountaineers. He knows he’s the newbie, even though he was a Mountaineer in '94. He’s running Ackerly Green, but also defers to the expertise and experience of the folks who saved the day. When I have some time I could post about that. Maybe have a Sabes “Ask Me Anything” post?

I’m making a concerted effort also to not foist him on you and say, “He’s the new Endri, bond with him.” I know those are big shoes to fill.

So CJB for Pub Diary, and Sabes everywhere else, including Elsewhither? Even though it would be easier for me, that makes me nervous… Need to think on it.


I think personally think the red line will be never have the same account post ‘Look at all these great pictures we took’ and ‘I have no idea who took these pictures… magiq!’ Cause that’s just going to confuse the heck out of anyone new.


I think it would be a good idea. It’s kinda like all of us Mountiees in a way. We’re “met” our real selves during live streams and spells, but there’s also the person who represents our accounts here.


When I read the title I thought there was gonna be an epic battle between CJ and Saberlane :joy:



(Apparently i need a complete sentence.)


bell dings May the games begin. Good luck to both opponents!