Chaos Bearings

Well Balis, you’ve probably seen the other topics pop up, so it’s time we had our own! So, which part of the Great Chaos do you embody?

  • Verdurant
  • Anivaeus
  • Maelisorn

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If an Anivaeus Bearing Balimora were a tarot card, it would be The Wheel of Fortune Reversed.
The way I read this card is being in the Eye of the Storm, conducting yourself with ease and flexibility in the midst of chaotic circumstances. That is what Anivaeus Bearing feels like to me; pressure and nurture, growth and collapse, in balance and out of control, combustion and suffocation - creation and destruction conducted in perfect harmony. Sculpted and wild - much like our guild house :wink::balimora:


As i mentioned, i walk a path where im pretty much constantly exposed to two very different societal extremes, but i actually find that i dont really pay too much attention to the grey in the rest of my life? I find it interesting how different people seem to be interpreting the old code (as im assuming its like a credo or code of honor or something) in such completely unique ways. God this place feels like home, lol.


Interesting that both Helios and I are Maelisorn :eyes:


Oooh I like matching them up with tarot cards! Let’s see…

For Verdurant I feel like The Fool is quite relevant: unquenchable optimism, exploration, and following whimsy and wonder. In particular the rendering of the Fool card in the Wildwood Tarot is spot on:


Been weathering the chaos for a while and am finally in a position of comparable tranquillity, so I’ve only just found a moment to decode the pages and ‘find my bearing’.

As one who aims to always approach things diplomatically and to envisage all aspects of a task or conflict, Anivaeus was a very pleasant surprise, with it’s principles of ‘seeing the balance’.

I often find profound comfort in the shaded corners of nature, never fail to be elated on a sunny hilltop, and love to find the pathways in between. Finding balance amongst The Great Chaos was definitely my calling. :balimora: