Castle of Vines : The Hollow

I wanted to describe my little corner of the Castle of Vines in my head and get feedback. Again, not cannon, but it’s the piece of the tree I see the most clearly in my head cause it’s where I assume I sleep.

Getting to the Hollow generally requires climbing up the outside of the great tree that makes up the Castle of Vines. Climbing is a relative term as the tree itself is somewhat sentient of the climber’s intentions. Being rather chaotic in nature it can take a little or a long time to get anywhere the first time (on a d6 roll a 1 means you have a backbreaking climb of an hour, a 6 means you almost find a custom made staircase out of branches for you and it’s as easy as walking up 15 or so flights of stairs to the Hollow.)

The more familiar the person is with the tree the easier it becomes to navigate the tree, so long term residents can generally get up to the Hollow in 4 or 5 minutes of mild exertion comparable to stair climbing. A faster trip would require a successful roll.

The Hollow itself is about the size of a large elephant. It’s as if an almost perfect sphere (save for a flat floor) was trapped in the tree and the tree grew around it. And then whatever the object was just vanished leaving an empty space in the tree, with only a small 7 foot diameter circle open to the outside world. So the Hollow is mostly enclosed and roofed inside the tree, and the walls and floor of the Hollow are living parts of the tree.

The Hollow is situated roughly halfway up the tree. I figure on the order of 10 to 15 stories (30-45 meters, 100 to 150 feet) above the ground.

Inside is a hammock along one wall that is (tentatively) held up by the tree, a small table coaxed out of the tree itself and a chair. A small sub hollow, about 1 foot in diameter under the hammock exists where my familiar/pet Trouble (a husky puppy) makes it’s den. Inside are many squeaky toys, a dog bed and a plastic fire hydrant I painted Silver I giggle at every time I see the dog relieving relieving himself on.