Captain Marvel Discussion (Prepare for Spoilers)

To discuss the new MCU movie, Captain Marvel.


Omg Goose was by far the best character


My quick and dirty first thoughts (saw it Thursday night with Matty and the kids) are that it was a fine, generally fun first outing. Wasn’t quite Iron Man 1, more like Thor 1, where Marvel was mitigating their risk by not pouring toooo much money into it in case it bombed, but now that it’s done really well we’ll hopefully get a Winter Soldier level Captain Marvel movie next.

Overall, I liked the changes they made to Danvers’ backstory to bring her into the slightly-more-grounded MCU fold, even if the movie felt small for an intergalactic adventure (I think the directors were a liiiiiiiiittle heavy-handed with the 90s buddy copy vibe, and “I’m Just A Girl” playing during the climactic fisticuffs felt reductive and cheap, to me at least. There was a freaking jukebox in the room, it could’ve been ANY awesome and empowering song from the 90s. I mean, Rebel Girl from Bikini Kill? I’m showing my age…) but my daughter loved Carol, so that’s a big plus for me.


I think the movie did a lot of things well. It brought Carol Danvers’ backstory in line with the rest of the MCU, answered (and raised) some questions about other films tied in to this one, and set up for Endgame.

Carol Danvers is a strong, moral, loyal person who isn’t afraid to go off the rails to do the right thing. The story doesn’t sexualize her or set her up for a love interest. It doesn’t even make it clear what her preference is, because her love life is so absent from the film (from my perspective at least). It reveals her as a person who has the fortitude to keep standing back up no matter her trials or failures. She is kind, merciful, compassionate, and ambitious in addition to being a warrior. The movie doesn’t shrink away from revealing all the places where women in “the boys club” face difficulties and tribulations.

The scene that really got to me was the reveal of Talos’ family taking refuge in Mar-vell’s laboratory. I cried tears there. It felt a little weird in the context of the whole Marvel universe, especially if you know who Talos (the Untamed) is, but I liked the change in the context of the movie.



I think they’ll expand and explore in future sequels, but this felt, for me, like Captain America: The First Avenger in that it was a solidly good movie with a bright, shining star of a hero at its core.


I like how they had the Skrull as the good guys when normally they’re the bad guys in the comics