Can anyone help with assesments?

I totally new, totally bewildered, and totally absorbed! But one thing that keeps coming up are the ‘assessments’? What are they and how do they work? Can someone please help me?


Not having been through one myself, I would be interested in what the “older” Mounties have to say on the topic.


Sure thing.

To open the book we need 4 keys. Each key needs 4 fragments. Each set of 4 fragments, so far, has a theme. Once the fragment is found, to prove we understand them and their greater connection to the magical world, there is an assessment, or test, before the key can be unearthed.

The first assessment: Flora

The first fragments were the names of plants, and when we found them we got a piece of a page from a journal detailing a spell.

The assessment are still doable if you wish to try them. You’ll have to dig through the forum threads for the proper info you need to solve them. It’s against the Book’s basic rules for anyone to give you the answers, but general discussion is fine. The Book of Briars had threatened us with being turned into a toad if we shared this link, but…well it has bigger problems right now than that. So here was the first assessment.

Once enough people completed the first assessment, the first key was discovered, and the first of four locks opened,

The second key/assessment: Fauna

The second group of fragments were the names of animals. Finding each animal also revealed a piece of a larger puzzle. A tetrahedron that we had to assemble and then answer questions about. It was…involved… let’s leave it at that.

The second assessment

The third assessement: Cosmos

Without a Book of Briars to tell us there is an assessment underway. Is there? Will there be? We don’t know. But we’ve been collecting these constellations, and I’ll be darned if we don’t find a use for them somewhere.


Are the assessments broken? I keep being redirected doing the second assessment back to the start of the seond part wihtout it telling me if I passed it. I’m also certain I’m answering correctly for the first assessment, but still can’t get through that one. I’ll keep trying the first, but there’s definately a broken link in the second.


The second part of the assessments only confirm you are correct if you are 100% correct. If you are wrong in any one step, you have to start the second part over and it doesn’t tell you what was incorrect.


Thanks, I just assumed cause of the format of the other one… Let the trail and error commence :slight_smile:


So just to check, I went through the first assessment and it’s mostly still functioning. You should get a congratulations thing. There will be a link to the book of briars site about chanting some words, that’s where the the link is broken.

The second one is also mostly functioning. If you get it right, you should be redirected to the book of briars site. Unfortunately, the link beyond that is broken. You won’t get a congratulations on this one, but if you get it wrong, you’ll be redirected to the second assessment rather than to the book of briars.

Edit: I don’t know how anyone would be able to complete the second assessment, though. You need to have access to a 3d puzzle that was hosted on the book of briars site, and it’s gone now. You could technically still do it by assembling the pieces into a paper structure, like so, but it would be really complicated to navigate it… :sweat:


That’s true. I had forgotten about all those book of briars links. Well that’s a bummer.


Yeah, I’d honestly discourage people from messing with the assessments for now. There’s really no reason to do them and if you’re trying to retrace our steps, then you’re not going to get the full effect because of the state of the book. It’s better to wait and see if the book is restored, then you can get the full experience.