#BriarBroke: Day of Change 2019!

Hey everyone! Monday was the Day of Change, and in addition to learning about the future of Ackerly Green and the start of Neithernor Reborn, we got some new merch on the AGP store! If you haven’t had the chance, you should go check out the new stuff: there’s posters, shirts, totes, and MUGS.

My stuff ended up getting here today, so I figured I would start a thread for everyone to share pictures of the things that made them briarbroke. So without further ado, here’s what I got:

I ended up grabbing “The Complete Translation” poster and the 15 oz. Guilds mug! I’m really excited to set what everyone else picked up!


I didn’t put away enough cheddar for my cart wishlist, so you could say I’m already #briarbroke :rabbit2:
Buuuuuut, I shall not be denied. I’ll save more and update with the booty.
Glad to see that poster is as glorious as I thought it would be though!

the shiny magiq booty


Not necessarily the new stuff (which is also awesome) but I finally got myself pins and I’m so. excited.


The backing pieces easily fall off after a month or two of use, id recommend you buy locking backs if you can, after a bit.


Sooth, locking backs are a godsend for pin aficionados.


Yeah, lost my first Herman pin at work because the back fell off.


Thank you! I’m slowly building up my pin collection and I’ve run into that a lot with other ones so I’m about to buy a small bulk of them to replace all the lost rubbery ones :joy:


Always good to stock up just in case but I will say that my Flinter and Herman pins are the only pins that have stayed on my jean jacket without falling off for over a year now??? Literally all my other pins fall off constantly. But honestly that could just be residual office magiq at work :ascendershrug:


if anyone wants my PERSONAL recommendation, this styles neat Secure locking pin backs for enamel lapel pins silver tone /// | Etsy

i needed to cut into the metal pin bit that the backing goes on to lock it sometimes cause it needs a groove to clamp into, but otherwise its really nice. it works well, havent had a single pin fall off my bag since i bought them.


Oh cool, thanks for the link! Those would probably work well.