Brandon Lachmann newspaper

Has anyone read whats in the background of the newspaper? I see something but cant tell.


Same. I see words faintly but can’t make them out.


Newspaper? Can you link to it? I can try and mess with it in Photoshop maybe.


@Revenir, it’s here.


@Endri - Thanks! I’ve been messing with the levels and so far no dice, but I’m gonna keep trying.

The best I’ve gotten so far is this, and it looks like some of the letters are weirdly capitalized? Gonna try and get it clearer.


I tried tweaking it in PS as well and didn’t get anywhere. At first I thought it was just the words from the other side of the paper that came through when the article was scanned but when I tweaked the levels I couldn’t tell if they were backwards as they should be or not. At least I don’t think so. As you can tell, the resolution was pretty poor. Maybe someone else can see something I can’t.


Unfortunately I don’t think it’s something we’re supposed to be looking at. The letters themselves are not reversed, but the words appear to be as capital letters always appear before spaces. The one part I think I can make out is “oeo od(?)e(?)orP eevdaR xra” which is gibberish. The rest has too much image compression to make out.


I agree that’s gibberish, but I don’t agree it’s not something for us to look at. Every other person on this list was thought by ‘regular people’ to have died in a given year. They all survived one way or another through magic.

Except all we have with Brandon we have a ‘regular person account’ saying he died sometime between October 29th, 1986 and Feb 7th 1987. We are told by KRhe ‘did not die in 1986’.

Now granted, the simplest explanation is that he lived on for a couple months after he disappeared and didn’t die until 1987. Unfortunately the new article doesn’t give us an approximate date of death though. But if a 10 year old lived by himself in an abandonded subway station in the middle of winter for 2+ months I’d be curious how.

This is the one article we don’t have the ‘real story’ behind. That’s odd. And when King Rabbit does something odd, it probably pays to figure it out.


Today’s crackpot theory (almost definitely proven to be wrong shortly, but it’s a start):

King Rabbit has said in the past he’s not used to having thumbs, implying he recently acquired them.

King Rabbit talked about the treasure being soon in my (his?) hands.

Brandon left a bunch of ‘cryptic clues’ for people to find him after he disappeared.

Brandon exhibited much the same behavior as Sullivan and Deidre green. Wandering the city, writing stories, obsession with the park.

King Rabbit was drawn to Deidre, and perhaps to others like her.

King Rabbit does not want to outright tell us what ‘really’ happened to Brandon.

Theory: The ‘real story’ of Brandon Lachmann is that King Rabbit possessed him and it’s Brandon/KR now stalking DG. Brandon would be 40 now about?

The only major gaping whole in that theory is who was the body discovered in the station. But, if the body was there submerged for 4 months, exactly how recognizable would it have been?


Forgive me if this is ridiculous. Very distracted right now and haven’t been tracking this line of the puzzle but @Robert, aren’t we talking about 2 different time lines? In our time line, the Ackerly Green books don’t exist and the four people listed all died.

In an alternate time line, the books exist and those people didn’t die.

So isn’t your theory plausible? Could KR be Brandon? The Brandon from our time line died but the Brandon from the other time line lived and became King Rabbit. Now things from the other time line are bleeding over - Traveler, The Guide to Magiq, etc. Couldn’t KR/Brandon be from the other time line?

Again, not following this thread closely so may be talking out my arse. :slight_smile:


Silly question all…
how did we find this page on KR’s site???
I must have been sick that day…


@jwwoodall3 After KR posted in the second fragment topic this happened. Thanks to @Dustin.


You know, I almost forgot about the ‘second timeline’ idea. The way these stories are phrased it’s possible they were in our timeline.

Woman who no one really knows about developed a skill in secret, and before she told anyone, got a terminal diagnosis and just disappeared one day.

Man who was thought to have died in a boat conflict actually survived due to magic he didn’t know he had and went on to be part of a secret operation for the military. Of course he was reported as dead by the government as a cover.

Woman with no important historical relevance is in a boat accident on the staten island ferry, turns out was a shapeshifter saved everyone and then swam out to sea never to be seen again.

Boy 400 years ago supposedly died, but was really swapped with someone else and went on to live.

I’ve just been assuming those are the true stories of things that happened in this world. But you’re right, those could be what happened in the ‘other’ world (We need a better name for it) and those people really did die in this world.

The only stumbling block with that is why King Rabbit said he wasn’t used to having thumbs. If he was Brandon from the ‘other’ world, then that doesn’t fit. I just assumed he was a magical being who took over a person. Granted, that could have happened in the other world and he’s now bleeding over. That would explain why he was there one minute for DG and gone the next.


@Robert, @Ascender and I are working on a post for tomorrow that details a lot of the “lore” we’ve learned from the book so far. In the post we’ve been calling the other world the ‘MAGIQ timeline’ because the MAGIQ Guide discovery started all of this and it technically shouldn’t exist here, now. I have to admit even I still bristle whenever I say “this timeline” and “that timeline” but there’s only so much of this I can experience before it seems like it has to be the only answer. I can’t help but be skeptical. I’m a Thornmouth.


Maybe MT for short? Magiqverse? I don’t know. Please feel free to come up with a better name/abbreviation. If you do, I’ll update the post to reflect it.


Another thing for lore both us and what probably is the original group of magic users/seekers were led by a King “animal” .