Book Reviews Community Request

Hi Mountaineers!

I was just discussing with my best friend today how I don’t really like “marketing” myself and the company, I’m just not great at it, even though that’s literally how we stay afloat and keeping building the Briarverse…

Having said that, I have a small favor to ask, and I will maybe do this a couple times a year if that’s okay.

Reviews are really helpful to independent authors like me because I don’t have the massive marketing budget of one of the bigger traditional houses. All our revenue goes right back into growing and nurturing the Briarverse and this community.

I rely a lot on word of mouth to reach new potential readers, and reviews are the most straightforward means of doing that.

If you have enjoyed any of my books or audiobooks (especially the more recent releases which don’t have many reviews right now, like Ackerly Green’s Secret Society, The Search for Magiq, and The Monarch Papers audiobooks), and have some time to spare this weekend, it would mean the world if you could leave a short review on whichever retailer/review site(s) you prefer.

Reviews are a necessary part of publishing. They act as lighthouses, helping readers find the next safe harbor of books to call home. Sharing your thoughts goes a long way in helping new readers take that final step into our weird world.

And more Mounties is good for everyone. Good for the company, good for the community, and frankly, good for the world. :cjheart: I offer virtual hugs to everyone who’s able to leave a review.

Below is a non-exhaustive collection of links to my books at major online retailers and review sites:

The Briar Archive on Amazon

The Briar Archive on Google Play

The Briar Archive on Apple Books

The Briar Archive on Barnes & Noble

The Briar Archive on Goodreads

The Briar Archive on Kobo


Absolutely! Always happy to help out however I can.


As soon as I actually get and finish reading the books, I will definitely leave reviews. These are most important for gaining traction and a following. I would love to see every person here who has read the books leave a review which would grow the Briarverse by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time.


Of course! Happy to recommend these books to the rest of the world :smiley: