Book Club: The Monarch Papers: Cosmos & Time

Another great read…

To quote another book… “Further up and further in”


YES! I’m re-reading TMP: Cosmos and Time right now.


So much to unpack with this one and with how much I didnt catch in the first I figure I may not openly summarize so much in this one.


Finished Cosmos and Time today. Felt like I was gonna essplode, lol. Definitely worth the wait to read! Absolutely loved it!


So, I finished Cosmos & Time about 2 days ago. I basically devoured the entire thing in a single sitting! It was such an amazing read, and I intend to read it again once I’ve caught up with the series because there was so much to unpack and I’m certain I missed a lot of it.

But also, I just cannot get Kemetic Solutions out of my head. I’m a kemetic pagan, and seeing what Kemetic Solutions was doing while using that name… oooooh boy. Obviously they’re already incredibly effective and hateable villains regardless but that tiny personal touch made me wish I could travel back in time to be there for that part of the Monarch Papers…

It was incredibly good. I loved every second of it. A++++!

I’m just saying, I don’t think those experiments were particularly ma’at of them. >_>