Big Plans for Discord

As TMP winds down :cold_sweat: and I plan for the future of AGP I’m planning how the two sides of the community (the forum and Discord) can better work under the same roof. Where the forum will act as Ackerly Green’s Library, a place for exploration, creation, and discussion, and Discord becomes the “Lounge,” a place for casual chat, more light-hearted experiences, and games.

First, I want to say that the forum and Discord will always have a “cabinet” that will remain the out-of-world general discussion/chat. Discord will also keep out-of-world channels like the library, games, news & updates, voice chat, etc.

But as I continue to try and find ways to bridge the forum and Discord and figure out how they can best work together I’ve decided that the guild-only channels are going to change. Instead of being “walled-gardens” only for respective guild members, they’re going to be open and act more like the guild categories on the forum, EXCEPT for one key, exciting difference…

I’ve occasionally noticed some really awesome role-play taking place in the cabinet on Discord and thought that role-play could be a really cool way to better integrate the two sides of the community and bring in a new creative element.

So the channels are now going to be solely for role-play in a new channel area called NEITHERNOR.

They are going to be your virtual guild hall where you can explore magiq, Neithernor, and MAGIQverse lore. A place to imagine wild adventures with your friends, or cozy up with a spell, book, or invention. I’ll draft a set of tips and tricks for roleplaying in them, and the standard server rules will apply there too, but I think a lot of how it all works will be defined and determined by all of you. There will also be a section here on the forum where your “character sheet,” locations you’ve uncovered, and adventures you’ve experienced can be documented and expanded on.

There will also be an “All-Guild Hall” channel where everyone can role-play together, but the guild channels will be places for you and your fellow guild-members to rp (and be joined by other respectful members of other guilds.)

In the future I may even design campaigns that center on roleplaying some new adventure or experience and we’ll use those channels to run them. You could join an expedition in All-Guild Hall but take someone aside in your personal guild hall to have a more intimate conversation… or break into guild-teams to explore a Neithernorian ruin and meet back in All-Guild Hall to report on what you’ve found. Discord could be a whole new way to interactively experience the MAGIQverse. And who knows… every once in a while you might just meet someone from Neithernor there.

I want Discord to be as welcoming and inclusive as the forum and I think this is one major step toward that, by bringing down some of the perceived walls, while also bringing in (what I think is) a cool new element and inviting readers who haven’t visited Discord to have a fun new reason to come check it out.

I’ll roll out more details and thoughts in the next couple of weeks, but I would LOVE you to share your thoughts here!


I think it’s interesting enough that I might start checking out the Discord. :slight_smile:


I hope my tavern can be of use to those of you who wish to brave the neithernorian wilds.


I am beyond excited for this new update, and I think its gonna be awesome to explore Neithernor with all you amazing mounties :heart:


I’m so hyped for this!


Sounds awesome! :smiley:


I am flipping pumped!!!


Since Neithernor is so hard to find, and get into, I think I may have to make the Role-play Neithernor a little hard to access too… Hmmmmm…




So because the forum is a little more suited to structured posts like this one… I thought I might post up a potential character sheet structure for the roleplaying aspect? This is a character sheet style I use for my writing, though with the added magiq section of course.

Gender: (Gender identity and expression)
Build: (Body type)
Hair Color/Style:
Eye Color:
Notable Features: (If any, like major scars or unique physical traits)

Paragraph overview of who they are, physically and personality type.

Age of Magiqal Awakening: (When did they learn magiq is real)
Magiqian Status: (Adept, Sensitive, Experienced vs Novice, etc)
Areas of Expertise: (Are they verbal storytellers, artisans, etc. How do they normally cast magiq?)
Preferred Magiq Affinities: (ie for a Flinterforge it might be Artificer’s Whim and Alchemical Transfigurations)
Attitudes Towards Magiq: (ie do they like it, do they hate it, are they scared of it, etc)

Description of magiqal abilities, written in a paragraph style.


Description of lifestyle, written in a paragraph style.

Favorite Music Genres/Bands:
Favorite TV/Books/Etc:
Fashion Style:

Significant Other:

Description of important relationships, written in paragraphs


im so down for this you dont even know
knocks on cabinet door


Is there going to be a separate topic made for this or should we just post it here?


Just think we’re pming each other till it’s an established and ready to be open at the right time thing…


If you want… I can move the Character Category to The Cabinet here until we’re ready to roll everything out?


Okay. I’m making it available. :slight_smile:

FYI, I’m calling the Discord role playing initiative “PRSFNE” (Polyguildic Research Society For Neithernorian Exploration) because it sounds like Persephone, who traveled between worlds, and because long-winded acronyms that work make me a happy guy.


It’s open!




:scream_cat: thank you all powerful one!



I’m thinking PRSFNE will beta launch next week. We’ll spend a couple weeks testing things out, retool if necessary, and then officially launch.

To whet your appetite, here are the current (and subject to addition/revision) guidelines and tips and tricks…

All 12 community rules apply to your roleplay persona as well.


  • The roleplay channels are STRICTLY in-world. To maintain the immersion (aside from occasional dice rolls) please remain “in character” while in the PRSFNE channels.
  • If your roleplay name is different from your username, please make note of that by changing your nickname to something like the following format: CJB (Undying God-Pharoah) so people know how to address you in roleplay channels versus boring old real life.
  • If you absolutely MUST break roleplay in a roleplay channel, please make short asides in parenthesis. (Please don’t make them long or too often. We don’t want to break immersion and this will be moderated. We want to treat this like we treated the forum during TMP.) There are lots of other places for non-roleplay talk.
  • Before venturing into Neithernor it’s best to sign up at the PRSFNE Roster on the forum. Then post a link to your roster entry in your respective guild hall channel and pin it, that way others can easily find your entry.


  • Roleplay is about adventure, exploration, and yes, sometimes combat. But the guilds have never gone to war (as far as you know) and this place is predominantly for exploration, conversation and friendly adventure. Basically, fight rabid brachursii, not Balimorans. Down the line we may develop/repurpose a combat system and create a channel to allow friendly, magiqal sparring, but not out and out bloody combat. As always, there are lots of other places for that, (though we will work on a friendly system for it in the future.)


  • Guild Hall is the All-Guild meeting place to mix, mingle, and plan your next adventure.
  • Individual guild houses will be open to all guild members, but when visiting another guild please introduce yourself as you would when entering someone’s house, and respect the people (and activities going on) inside the hall you’re visiting.
  • Leave guild houses the same way you found them.
  • Since new AGP readers won’t immediately have access to PRSFNE, it’s best to treat it as something to earn, not an exclusive club. Make sure everyone feels welcome in the community even if they can’t immediately access Neiternor. They will learn how to enter it once they’ve reached a certain level of interaction on the forum.