Big News About Buying Audiobooks from Ackerly Green (and info for anyone who has!)

Hey Mounties!

I’ve been slowly rolling out some updates to the shop over the past couple of months, and I have some big news about audiobooks!

When you buy direct from me at the book shop (thank you very much to all who have), my ebooks are distributed via Bookfunnel and the Bookfunnel app (I am a HUGE fan of Damon and Julie at Bookfunnel, and they have always been incredibly supportive of me, my ideas, and the indie publishing community in general.) but audiobooks were through a separate storefront called Authors Direct. Authors Direct is part of Findaway, which I used to produce The Monarch Papers audiobooks. They’re also a great company, but I was never a fan of having my digital media distributed by two separate companies and living on two separate platforms.

Well, all of that is changing because Bookfunnel now supports audiobook distribution! I’ve now migrated The Monarch Papers audiobooks to Bookfunnel, which means all your ebook and audiobooks purchases will be available in the same beautiful app (and available to offload to other apps if you prefer!)

If you bought an audiobook from me directly in the book shop, send me a pm, and I’ll gift you a copy so you’ll have it in the Bookfunnel app as well!