Bearings of the Many and the One

Greetings, fellow Gossmerim!

We’re a little late on the pickup, but let’s talk about our newly revealed guild bearings! First of all, let’s see who’s what (who’s whom?):

  • Auromorne (Affinity: Intuvination)
  • Eraverane (Affinity: Tympanic Transmutation)
  • Diaphane (Affinity: Sight of Propinquity)

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What do you think these new affinities mean? What do you think they do? What spoke to you about your guild bearing? What didn’t?


I’ll start. At first, I was honestly surprised to be born of the eclipse. I’m really quite outgoing: I have a job where I directly deal face-to-face with the public every day, and I do a lot of counseling during these interactions. It’s something I find very gratifying - meeting new people, learning their stories and talking to them, person-to-person. I read all three guild bearings (even though I was directed to Eraverane) and wondered “Oh, hey! Why am I not an Auromorne? That sounds just like me!” I was honestly a little upset by my result.

It’s been a little bit of time since we accessed the guild bearings, and I’ve had some time to reflect on it, and I think it is actually correct. Beyond my life’s journey - moving on from one “tribe” to another during different chapters of my life, I’ve realized I do exactly what the bearing says I do: I collect people’s stories. I internalize them, I cherish them. I reflect and ruminate over them, and then I use them to better others’ lives down the road. When I realized this, I realized that while Auromorne was what I want to be perceived as, Eraverane is what I truly am.

Tympanic Transmutation “sounds” cool (dad pun, get it?), like taking sounds and changing them into something else, or harnessing the power of sound. I’m reminded of (spoilers for a popular Netflix series and a book series!) Vanya from Umbrella Academy, but maybe less destructive, but also of the necromancers from the Dresden Files but less evil, using the sound of a drumbeat as a substitute for the heartbeat.

I think in an “everyday” way it means reaching a “flow state” (a.k.a. “getting in the zone”) when you hear the right music in the right context.

I’m really interested in what everyone else in our Guild thinks!


The first few sentences of the Diaphane description kind of threw me off- I don’t like being pegged as the healer type, despite, well… How I am. But perhaps that’s just because that healing nature I hold within me has been out of my reach for several years now. Reading on, I found that everything the bearing said about me was truly reminiscent of who I was before I became somewhat numb, and knowing that I still have that kind of light within me, the ability to be kind, and that, right now, the person I am is only a reflection of the weights on my shoulders, and that I still have that possibility, for when I’m ready… Well, it reminds me that, one day, I will be ready. I’ll be free of the darkness and can step back into the role I’ve always meant to have. I’m just taking a break. The world is waiting patiently for me.

I also felt that the bearing very accurately reflects my ambiverted tendencies. I need my space, I need my alone time, I need my own freedom, but I’m also happy to help, nurture, and exist within the spaces of others. Sometimes my energy comes from myself, sometimes from others. I can hear the drumbeat from over here, and I can be found by those who need me, sat on the edge, smiling and listening along. The people who need and want me will be able to meet with me unless I’m in need of time alone. It’s a good setup. I’m happy with it.

I can’t say I have any idea of what Sight of Propinquity means, but considering Propinquity has to do with personal bonds and physical closeness, I suppose it allows one to understand things along those lines. To see the bonds between people, to read them, perhaps to trace or understand the interwoven feelings people hold for each other… I can’t help but imagine it as skeins of thread, or thick clusters of cables, conjoining the people of the world with colours and emotion. :cherry_blossom: