Audiobook Preview: Free Chapter!

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Guys, we weren’t kidding when we said last week that the voice actor who brought The Monarch Papers to life, J.R. Moorland, is incredible.

So as promised, to get you amped for the audiobook release in just two weeks (!!) , you can click the link below to listen to and download Chapter 19 of Volume 1 for free!

Listen to Chapter 19: The Cagliostro

We picked this chapter because it’s such a great showcase of J.R.’s talent: the chapter starts off with a blog post from Deirdre before easing back into Marty’s (spot-on) narration, and then we’re finally introduced to Lauren Ellsworth and, of course, everyone’s favorite centuries-old magician, the Cagliostro.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!! The audiobooks will be available to purchase through our Book Shop and all other major retailers in two weeks, on Tuesday, August 4th, but until then, you can also place a pre-order directly through our Authors Direct audio storefront.

We’re so excited to bring you back into the world of The Monarch Papers with this exclusive preview. So what are you waiting for?? Go ahead and listen!


Hi I’m literally 1 minute in and Deirdre’s voice??? AMAZING. I am deceased.


I got all of two or three words into Cags’ first line before my break ended. :cagsrip:


It’s all so perfect!