April Fool's Day (Beware Steve)

As you know, tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. I would like to remind you to be aware of any latent enchantments and ALWAYS keep track of your drink.
I can not claim to know what Steve is planning this year, but I can almost guarrantee a slew of his signature antler potions. If you leave your tea unnatended tomorow, it is highly likely that Steve will tamper with it. While the efects of the potion are mostly harmless, it is easy to hit them on doorframes and inconvenient to reverse.
If you do find yourelf with a pair of antlers tomorrow, (assuming that antlers aren’t a part of your natural biology), please do not attempt to saw or break them off. Instead contact the Balimoran leadership and they can find someone to help undo the magiq.


Thanks for putting up the info. Also, watch your socks careful tomorrow. If the left one disappers, you could have a troll infestation.


no, pretty sure thats gremlins.

Hobgoblins do it too, but they’re less prevelent these days.


Being on the sea gives me a bit of natural protection against the Magiqs, but im still wary. protective enchantments are always helpful, and the Easter Holiday’s natural magiq can be tapped into for some help with small and recovery magiqs.