Announcement: We've Been Thinking

First of all, @Catherine and I have been so blown away by everyone’s involvement in Search For Magiq. We absolutely love the communal spirit of the magic you’ve all been performing, and it’s had more of an effect on the success of the narrative than you know. (Seriously, things could have gone SO wrong for Eaves & co.)

However, since I couldn’t indulge my more evil-inclined creative ideas, your efforts actually got us thinking about ways we could continue channeling positive intent like this on a more casual and regular basis.

One of @Fox’s early posts, in particular, where she kept the symbol for the House of Purpose on her laptop during a job interview (and then got the job! yay!) got us thinking about ways we could continue channeling the symbols as a way to send a boost of magiq to anyone who may be needing it! (@TheMadHare’s posts about feeling attacked by the Silver, though less celebratory, were similarly influential.)

We’ve loved seeing all of the creative takes on the symbols you guys had through SFM and didn’t want to put a damper on that, but now that things are winding down, we wanted to announce that we’ll be putting button collections of all of the alchemical symbols up in the book shop!

We were thinking of creating a thread specifically for the purpose of continuous channeled intent, so say someone has another job interview, they could ask the rest of the Mounties to sport a badge of Purpose and send good energy their way. Or if someone feels like the Silver’s really getting them down, everyone could channel the House of Change and send a much-needed upwind, or the House of Humanity to know your friends are thinking about you and sending a massive, Interwebs-spanning hug.

The buttons will come as a collection of six, and we thought they could be a great way to keep channeling the elements for community members in need during this next narrative interim and beyond. The digital files will still, of course, always be available for free, and you’ll always be welcome to keep creating your own symbols, but if you’re artistically challenged, have less time and energy to spend on your creations, like pretty things, or just want to support AGP, then boy, do we have a product for you!!

The second announcement is that we’ve also turned the gorgeous elemental terrarium designs from our Day of Change merch line into necklaces! This is our first foray into jewelry, and we’re really proud of how they’re turning out. Similar to the buttons, you’ll be able to buy the set of images and switch them out in the pendant as needed, and the pendants and chains will come in two different colors, copper, and black enamel. And since each terrarium represents one of the six elements, they can also be used to support others in the community as well!

As always, proceeds go towards keeping the lights on so we can keep creating these magical adventures for you all! These will go up in a few weeks for our Cyber Monday sale, so stay tuned! Plenty of magic heading your way soon :cjheart:


That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to have a set of properly drawn buttons because, as you saw, my artistic skills leave much to be desired :sweat_smile:


What a cool idea! I love the concept of wearing the symbols as an “I’m thinking of you in your time of need” message, and channeling the appropriate energy along with it.


YES! The hardest part about drawing all those sigils was knowing that in a week I wouldn’t have it anymore, so I think the buttons are a fantastic idea! Those necklaces sound pretty dang glorious too :hermanthumbs:

Looks like I’ll be updating my cart again :sunglasses:


Oooooooh I’m so excited to see these necklaces!!! I’m always worried about losing buttons off my jacket/bag, so they usually live on a board at home…but necklaces… :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


ALL the buttons are going on my unofficial AGP knitting bag!!


Oh my Eaves! I love this idea and I’m super excited to see the pendants!

My AGP button collection can expand!

  1. Buttons are always a joy

  2. Necklaces??? I’ve been hoping for one honestly I’m very excited.


Yes please, to all of this.


The necklaces sound like they’re going to be super exciting!


Both the buttons and the necklaces sound wonderful, I can’t wait to see them in the shop! And a specific thread to keep supporting each other sounds perfect. :slight_smile: