Anima Thom Yorke Netflix Music Video

Hiya! I’m not sure if anybody has watched Anima on Netflix but it came out a few days ago and I’ve been unable to stop thinking about it. Anima is a 15 minute short film/music video set to Thom Yorke’s (from Radiohead) new album Anima. I knew what it was trying to say instantly but I feel like everybody might interpret it differently. The whole piece feels very magiqcal and I feel like people here would really enjoy it. Anybody with an interest in music, choreography, or filmography should watch this as I feel like it’s a true masterpiece, and I don’t use that word lightly. If you do watch it, tell me what you think I wanna talk about this beautiful piece of art.


What the heck did I just watch :laughing:


I had actually watched this the other day at the beginning of one of my “vision quests”, and found it to be very compelling. I’m not very familiar with Thom Yorke or much of his works, but it did remind me of a song he wrote a long time ago called Talk Show Host. Visually it was a stunning piece done by Paul Anderson (I believe), and I experienced a range of emotional tells throughout.

[Too Weird ; Didn’t Read] I thought it was cool.