Ackerly Green Leadership Survey - Give us your feedback on the AG community!

Hey everyone!

Those of us in Leadership have been discussing how we can best serve the community. It’s super important to us that we’re putting out events that people enjoy and that help people engage with the MAGIQverse. In doing so, we realized that the easiest way to figure out what resonates with people is to ask, so we made a survey!

It’s no secret that, with the end of The Monarch Papers, there were some changes to the community. Some people stayed, some left, and we’ve gained some wonderful newcomers as well. To that end, we want to gauge the current community. We want to know how people feel, the kinds of things they are interested in, and what they think about immersive experiences like TMP and the Secret Society.

We have two surveys for y’all to fill out, at your leisure. They should take about five minutes each to do, maybe a little bit longer if you’ve got a lot to say in the short answer sections:

All answers are 100% anonymous. I’ll be building a report on the findings, so we can gain an understanding of what the community wants right now. Any critique y’all can give us is immensely helpful, so please feel free to be as open as possible with these questions.

Thanks so much to all who fill out the survey! I’m really looking forward to reading all your wonderful feedback. :eaves:


Hey! If you haven’t taken this, consider it? It’d be a great help. :cjheart: