Ackerly Green Candle Unboxing!

It’s finally here!

I got a wonderful gift today in the mail: My full-sized Magiq scent AG+ yearly subscriber gift candle!

Beautiful addition to my bookshelf. I won’t spoil the scent for anyone who hasn’t already received theirs, but I’m excited to hear other peoples’ thoughts!


Mine came today, too!

I’ll have to settle for smelling it cold for a while, but even that’s plenty. :cjheart:


My roommate sent me a picture of the package, so I know it arrived, but I wont get to it until after the new year :sob:


We’re still finalizing how much mundane description we’ll include on the label, versus the current magimystic details.

The Magiq scent is a blend of tea, ginger, coriander, vetiver (my favorite) and tonka, which is a more earthy alternative to vanilla.

Vidivinty’s Glade is a blend of myrrh, green earthy notes of flowers, grass, and soil, and oud (a resin from the agar tree.)

We learned so much about scent design throughout this process, and already have some notes about the two additional candles we’re producing in 2020. :cjtea:


Now that Spoilers Abound!™, I’d like to share my thoughts on the scent. I love the complexity of it, particularly the contrast between lighter, fresher notes found immediately upon opening the box, and deeper, richer, spicier notes that appear after a second or two. It’s powerful and pungent, unlike most store-bought candles we own or have been gifted. It’s so pretty that I haven’t had the heart to start burning it yet, but I’m curious to see how much this disseminates or even changes the scent!

EDIT: I, too, love vetiver but I have a little trouble “finding” it in the candle scent, given how complex it is.


Thank you for your feedback! The candles you all received in this batch will be more powerful than our normal candles because we poured them the same day we packed and sent them to you. As they continue to cure, the smell will mellow.

Also, vetiver is a common grounding or “base” note in fragrances. I have vetiver soap and candles myself but this was meant to be more of a warm backup to the tonka.

In case you all didn’t notice, we had a lot of fun these past six months learning about and designing candle scents and pouring them. Finally seeing them on Instagram and here, on people’s shelves and alters, is so gratifying.


Your time, dedication, and research shows!


My candel is finally in my city! Got an import tax notification, but it should get to me on the 2nd (Yay, Xmas mail!!) . Can’t wait to get my hands on it to smell!!


Somehow this smells like both incense and a meadow and I don’t know what sorcery you two worked to achieve it but it’s delightful!


Actual sorcery! So glad you like it!


Finally got my hands on the candle and I love it!! Such magiq!


I finally got to open up my candle (and pins) last night and I love them both! I really like the candle and I’m excited to actually use it before I head back to college (where candies are banned).