"A Trip Through the Guilds Part 1: Thornmouth" by Lynette Blightsbane

On Sunday morning I awoke to a peculiar sound. You see, being a Balimoran I am used to the soprano sounds of birds singing their morning songs. What awoke me in the guestroom of the Thormouthian Lighthouse was not the call of birds nor the baying of animals, it was the crash of lightning and the rumble of thunder.

It was a wonder that I was able to rest the prior night, the perpetual storm that batters the coast where I was temporarily residing was absolutely dreadful. If it stormed this much back at Balimora then we would be unable to get anything done. Though I was absolutely knackered upon my arrival, so I must not have noticed the loud, jarring noises that plague the air around here. When I emerged from my lodging I was greeted by a bookshelf. I noted how interesting it was that the Thornmouth Magi would choose to place bookshelves along a hallway. I would have to ask about it later. I held a hastily drawn map of the corridors up to the light. I found it in the top drawer of an ancient writing desk that was in my room, presumably for drafting literary works and the like.

I followed the map up to the central library, a large cylindrical room that serves as the main building of the Guildhouse. Curiously I couldn’t see anyone about. When I first arrived this main area was alive with movement. Familiars running about, Magi leafing through the drawers underneath the staircase, and books re-shelving themselves. Surprisingly the entire room was quiet excluding an open window that was creaking in the harsh winds. I latched the window shut, it’s clanging unnerving me. But the silence that followed was absolute and almost as deafening as the clanging itself.

I decided my best bet would be to go up to the top of the house, perhaps it is after hours and I’ve simply awoken after everyone has gone to bed. Each step up the spiraling stairs was maddening, the soles of my shoes clacking loudly against the stone steps. It was a disruption to the silence this library wanted, nay, demanded. It was like the walls were staring at me in revulsion as I defiled their sacred room. It was like yelling in a place of worship. Never has a room seemed so imposing. I was about halfway up the staircase before I lost my nerve and began running. From what? I had no idea. I just wanted to exit this room as quickly as possible.

I heaved open the inch thick storm door and clambered out onto the top floor of the lighthouse. What do I find? None other than the Thornmouth Guildmembers, laying on couches and cushions in a room underneath the Lantern room. I adjusted my clothing indignantly, ready to voice my protests. I opened the door and immediately silence myself, for all of the people in the room were sleeping. I was puzzled, I was under the assumption that all members had rooms. Besides the sleeping Thornmouths, the room was arbitrary, cushions were strewn about but that was it. Aside from one thing. Atop a quartz pedestal, in the direct center of the room. Upon this pedestal was a book, it’s pages glowing with a fierce bright light.

I reached out and gently touched the page of the book and, suddenly, I was no longer within my body nor in the room. I was adorned in a gorgeous gown. Layers of light airy fabric accented my body perfectly. It was intriguing. One moment I was in the Thornmouth Guildhouse and the next, at what seems to be a faerie revel. I was swept up by a tall man, he winked at me and spun me around, faster than any human. I spent a large amount of time in that book, and when I finally passed out from exhaustion I woke up in my own body along with the Thornmouth Guildmembers. One of them took we aside and explained the magiq involved. The spell was and still is called Tome Kindling. What he gave me seemed nowhere near the scale that I just experienced. I asked him about it. His answer was shocking, it turned out that they supercharged the spell using the Mindflame, allowing that communal entry into the book.

And that was the end of my first day with the Thronmouths. The remainder being spent helping them update their records of Balimora. That night I planned to further experience Thornmouth, beginning with their extensive historical records.


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Well, I’ll just have to transcribe more of Lynette’s adventures from her books back at Thornhouse. Her series here is simply spectacular. Her journey took her to every Guildhouse. She really is an insight into the ways the guilds used to function. Sadly she died before finishing the series with her Balimoran book but her transcript may have enough to get a good idea of what she was aiming for.


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I presently have the books stored in my personal collection. I’ll make sure to set them out later, maybe you can swing by and grab one. Though we may have extra copies back in the main library. Maybe the second one.


I can be patient if I must, but I would love to read the manuscripts themselves.




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