A strange puzzle. (Copied from "Cabinet of Wonders", a recent post from cj)

I actually recently came back from a foray into the castle of vines with a little lockbox, actually. It was totally sealed to the outside, and i planned to send it to you totally sealed, but it popped open once i got home. Inside was a hammer, a pin, a lighter, and several notes. Unfortunately, i have been told i cant post them to you (a hammer, lighter and pin all sent together with mysterious notes through the post would make any border guard suspicious, i guess), but i CAN post the document. Infact, it had an email, and after a little tinkering, i actually got in! here… ill share it. Maybe you guys can crack the puzzles within, because of COURSE theres puzzles. This isnt monarchs mountain and flinterforge without puzzle solving. Absolute units, all of you. Letter - Google Docs
Sorry i cant be of more help, cj, this hammer is really cool! its engraved with stars and planets, and it makes little bursts of colour when i hit stuff with it. Its a pinhead hammer, like the type old blacksmiths used. Beautiful. The lighter… definitely doesnt work, but… i feel heat from it still. like if i tried hard enough, maybe something would… i dunno… burst.

(Okay, i planned to post this way earlier. call me lazy, but… yeah, yeah im lazy xD The goal for section 1 of this is to get into the email. best of luck, this is an open call to all who want to solve this thing. ill post more as more puzzles are solved.)


That’s quite a letter. If nothing else, it’s a downright fascinating glimpse into the lives of past Mounties.