A safe place


Hey Mounties,
Sorry in advance for getting super “Real” but I feel that this is an issue that has affected many of us here and will have affected many future Mounties to come.
It’s bullying awareness month in Australia but it’s something that would be addressed world wide.
The reason I feel the need to address it here is because all thoughout school I was bullied, it didn’t matter what grade or school I went to it followed me like a dark cloud… always ready to rain on my parade. But just as bullying was my companion I had another silent companion that followed me, it was reading. Coming from a pre-internet world it was the thing that connected me to the hearts and minds of people and characters all over the world. It was there I learnt empathy and compassion and to not only accept my weirdness but to embrace it! And proudly put it on display no matter what anyone would say!
These days people, especially kids, have the internet to escape to. It’s a beautiful vast landscape filled with oceans of knowledge and beauty! But unlike my books where that world was mine and mine alone. The bullies can follow them through. The words are no longer left at school or work it follows them home. To the one spot in the world they should feel safe! And that’s why I fee it’s so important to spread this message around our mountainside, because Basecamp is and should always be an island refuge for our youngest and most vulnerable members of our society.
No idea is bad or wrong and they should all be celebrated! I’ve had the most fun chasing red herrings wether they’re mine or offered forward by others :grin:
If you see a comment that’s harsh or cruel don’t be harsh and cruel yourself! Remind the person who posted it that Basecamp is a safe, bulky free zone and that they could perhaps rephrase what they said to make it kinder! We all have something we are working through IRL and without needing to know what it is should be there to support and nurture eachother.

To future Mounties: if you ever feel like you’re being bullied or ignored I urge you to reach out to your guild leader! Or any of the guild leaders in fact! We all are here for you and offer our time freely!
If something is happening to you IRL please come talk to any one of us as well! We all have experiences that may help you or might even know other avenues that you can get help or advice! You are all welcomed and loved here at Basecamp!
May all your adventures be Magiqal!


Sorry that the Video requires Facebook access… it’s not super important to the story but it highlights (especially to the older generations) what some of the kids these days are going though


For the entirety of middle and highschool, I was bullied for being “different”, whether that was because of my glasses, or because I was on the spectrum (autism spectrum =3=;). As someone whos gone through this, I wholeheartedly offer myself as a support as well if you need an unbiased third party to talk to.

Other than that, Im glad this has been posted. I never really wanted to be THAT GUY who brought up real world shufflestump (thats a swear now confirmed) on the basecamp, but I will gladly participate in it.


It’d be a really really bad idea for any bully to follow someone into here as they’d be out numbered by an army of nerds and geeks who all carry massive grudges against their tormenters :joy:


I was bullied for a while in middle school and I can tell you it leave lasting impressions on you. No matter how minimal this stuff may seem at the time it stays with you for a while. I still have trust issues. If any of y’all are dealing with this now you can definitely talk to me. You have an amazing community here of some of the most supportive and amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We’ve got your back.
(Also fun fact, the main reason I think I wasn’t bullied in high school is because the bullies were intimidated by me for some reason so if you need me to stand ominously behind you I can do that too.)
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