A Paper Trail

It’s been 5 months since I joined up; feels like a year. I like to look back and see myself at the beginning. Like so many, I began at the Welcome Lodge Super Topic, introducing myself to the world and was given a warm welcome, alongside Katheryn, by Brendon. I was lucky enough to join in between Fragments 10 and 11, so I had all the time to catch up. Just looking at when I posted, the page was at number 149. It now numbers at 719 posts, so you see we’ve come a long way since then. My first real Fragment was 11: Durkonos and that’s where the fun began. I took it slow in the beginning, held myself back, unsure of what I was getting into. When I finally had my footing, climbing that tall Mountain, I didn’t launch into the forum. I stayed in the shadows, coming out a couple times a day at most to say my part, then went back into hiding. I helped move Fragment 11 along and then the came 12. Oh boy, that was a ride… Compared to later Fragments, I wasn’t so involved with these two, but somehow, when we learned of Itsuki’s death, I was able to join in on his Commemoration. Going from there it was just an explosion. I was checking the forum daily commenting on everything, trying to be the most helpful I could be. And then came Assesment 3. I was so happy! So many people were joining us, so many new faces and ideas! The forum was alive and thriving, and my world was crushed. The Assesment was just crushing people, throwing them out like unwanted clothing. (I feel bad writing that.) I was devastated. Even being Balimoran, I love seeing things thrive, so seeing people’s dream of taking part being crushed was horrible. And how long it took to solve the Assesment just crushed me. But then came the light of Fragment 13 and the rest is history. I got to meet other Balimorans like @Cj_Heighton, @cheyyyme, and @Set. It was awesome. So please feel better Book of Briar. See how the world is, was, and will be.