A New Project: The Campfire Compendium

Thank you for your patience.

The idea that I mentioned two weeks ago is something I’ve imagined for quite some time. Right now I’m calling it The Campfire Compendium. It will be a book of our collective knowledge and imaginings. An expansion of the original Campfire idea.

Our memories and thoughts and experience brought together in one oral history. I’ve thought about this for a few months and I think the Compendium could be best broken down into two main categories: History & Magimystics.

History topics will be about our history as Mountaineers, the history of the world as we know it, and as we believe it once was. We’ll also share personal memories and experiences, dreams and imaginings.

Magimystic topics will be about how we believe magiq works in this world, our experience with spells, the Lost Collection, and how we believe magiq has shaped this world now that we know it’s real.

Starting next week I will post a topic (please message me your ideas as well, I would love to hear them) and we will spend 2-3 weeks on each topic, gathering our thoughts, memories, essays, poetry, etc. and then each topic and its responses will become a chapter in the Compendium. It will exist forever as a token of our moment here together and what we’ve learned.

I don’t know if we’ll find The Lost Collection in our time but perhaps this could be the beginning of a new story.

The Found Collection.



The Found Collection, seems so fitting for us.
If nothing else it will be something to pass on to the Mounties who come after us.