A Big AG+ Milestone, Thanks, & News

We expected to have 10-20 subscribers in the first six months of AG+

In our second month of AG+, we already have 30 subscribers. That might not seem like a ton, but it’s far larger than our expectations, and the HUGE news is that over half of current AG+ subscribers are new readers, and about 50% of them are annual members!

Having the support of AG+ members has meant so much to me, especially since we decided to scale back on the traditional publishing model and instead focus on the more regular, but free, interactive aspects of the company. Knowing that we have the support of our community, to help keep the doors open and the lights on while we continue telling this story, has been unbelievable.

And I know that there are some readers who want to join AG+ but for any number of reasons can’t, and I completely understand. This is simply to share good news with the community and thank our @AGPlus patrons for their support and encouragement. And as an expression of our gratitude, I’m excited to share some news with you all.

For future book releases, AG+ members will not only get to participate in book cover reveals, but they’ll also have access to limited cover variants that will be exclusive to AG+.

Again, thank you so much for your support and belief in me, this world, and AGP. We couldn’t do it without you.


And we just hit 30! You all just blow me away. Thank you SO much.


Just to say I tried to make a contribution via the donation section but it added on $50 in shipping!!! :sweat_smile: despite it being an online donation!! Also do you know what your shipping cost would be for AG+ to the UK? I wish I could sign up…


The shipping by for contributions has been fixed and I think it’s mentioned in the AG+ details but shipping to the UK for the monthly Papergoods shipment is a flat $8! :cjsmile: