9. The Secret Society: Ackerly Green Changes

Originally published at: Ackerly Green Changes - Ackerly Green

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.

First, I haven’t seen or heard from Woolie since the last time I posted about him. It’s been pretty quiet here overall. There’s the normal ghostly office sounds every now and then but not as frequently. Honestly, I’m not sure if they’re fading or I’ve just gotten used to them.

I want something to happen. Anything. But if it did, I don’t know when I’d find the time to investigate it. As some of you may know, Devin is leaving for Japan for a year (a long story, not involving mysterious books) and we’ve been on the hunt to find a new assistant to help me with everything AGP. We interviewed a dozen or so people, all qualified in different ways, charming, smart, and experienced… but we chose a bright young Flinterforge named Catherine. It REALLY helped that she led with the fact that she was already aware of The Mountaineers, the Lost Collection, and that she believed it all. This was huge. Some people we interviewed thought this was all some elaborate marketing ploy and treated it all with a “knowing” wink. I wanted to take them into the office so they could be haunted into believing but Devin thought we should probably refrain. (The interview process was a bit of a grind for this introverted Ebbie and I was losing my mind by the end.)

We’re one clue away from solving the riddle Woolie found inside his memory and I’m as lost as you all are. Not sure where to go from here. I really wanted this to be a thing. The thing. I’m realizing how badly I want back in to the world of magic, and why shouldn’t I, but it’s not your responsibility to help me deal with my own issues. And I have a few.

Anyway. The brush in “A brush with the law” does seem relevant. I think figuring out what brush means in this context could help us finally crack this. And by us I mean you.

Martin and I are batting the last drafts of The Monarch Papers back and forth, sourcing a new cover for Forest of Darkening Glass, and sitting around twiddling our over-twiddled thumbs waiting to hear word from The Book of Briars.

That book we’re releasing in four months.

I do like publishing, don’t get me wrong. And I have a sense of responsibility to this company, to everything Deirdre entrusted in me. But sometimes I just want to run around and search for magic.

And nap.


When devin returns, IF he returns, hopefully he’ll be an expert youkai hunter and can help you with that haunting problem, hm? Lets just hope he doesnt return bald and wearing monks robes :stuck_out_tongue: