4 locks = 4 keys?

You’ve no doubt seen the cover of the Book of Briars and most likely seen the message hidden in its borders. The cover has four locks, one in each corner. I’m assuming that then there are four key, but I’d love to hear if anyone has any other thoughts on what the locks could mean.


In addition to the 4 locks, the poem sent out in the original email to the mountaineers seems to point pretty specifically to there being 4 keys.

I’m nothing but a simple book
Waiting for a closer look.
But find a key, or one plus three
And you’ll find that there’s more to me.

So there should be 4 keys and 4 locks. However, where are the locks? If we find a key, how do we enter it? I’m currently running on the assumption that the book of briars homepage, which only shows the cover, will start opening and showing more pages the more keys we find and enter. I couldn’t find any way to interact with the locks on the page as they are built into the image. I think we may need to enter in the correct URL for the key. For example, if the key was “ramble”, we would enter http://bookofbriars.com/ramble . I’ve tried a bunch of different keywords but everything has redirected back to the homepage.


So I’m thinking that there may be 4 fragments, and the 4 fragments form some sort of whole which will tell us how to unlock the ‘door’, ie. get further into the website.

“sixteen chapters locked within, truth and treasure you might win. the gathered parts unlock the door, beyond is what you’re searching for”

the sixteen chapters part is a bit strange. It sounds like it means that there are sixteen chapters inside the book once we get it open, but i’m not sure how that helps us with getting it open in the first place. “the gathered parts unlock the door”, this sounds like it is saying we need to gather some parts to form the key, possibly referring to multiple fragments that we can gather from any other pages we find. So far we only have the page from Sully’s remains which contains the extra sentence and a few extra words.

There may not actually be 4 locks either, the locks on the book cover could just represent that we need 4 fragmented sentences to form a key that will tell us what we need to know to “unlock” the site.