2021 Self-Care Support Pod

Because if we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that self-care is a MUST.

Here’s a space for you to share any and all goals oriented towards taking care of yourself, whether that’s through exercise, healthy eating, hydration, sleep, or an awesome skincare routine. If you’re doing it for you, to make yourself and your body and your brain feel good, it belongs here and we want to hear about it! Ask for and share tips with others, post your routines, and celebrate all the small wins together as a community.


For me self care is involving self examination. Not physically but mentally and emotionally. What are my reasons for keeping up relationships? What are my motivations? What behaviors are the result of past relationships? What behaviors do I want to change, and why?


I’m starting some meds for my adhd on Wednesday and one of the goals that I’m hoping that helps with is getting back to reading. Reading is one of those things that makes me feel more whole and generally feel more like myself and it’s been hard being so burnt out that I can’t even pay attention to books I really desperately want to read. I want to read at least one book for pleasure a month, ideally more. Or at the very least, one book for pleasure and one or two for school.


I’m going to make an effort not to oversleep anymore. I wasted so much of every day last year laying in bed and it definitely made me feel worse. I’m also going to drink more water and stop buying soda. I tend to drink anything that’s available, so if I don’t buy any soda I’ll end up drinking water.


This is me, but with snacks. Now, the only snacks I buy are popcorn kernels and raw nuts, so I have to put work in to pop/roast them and that’s usually enough for me to figure out if I’m actually hungry or just bored.

I’m really struggling to find a good workout routine that I can do in a very small space now that it’s cold outside. I have…about enough room to lay down in if I move some things around, but not much room to the sides. I’m also on the top floor of an apartment building, so the less jumping, the better for my neighbors. If anyone has any ideas/recommendations, my physical and mental health will thank you!!


Here’s a no-equipment calisthenics routine I used for a little while. No jumping, and it’s easy to tailor it to your comfort level.


I’ll give it a shot!! Thanks!


I want to share a lot of personal stuff, which I don’t normally do, in the hopes it will break the seal and keep me checking in here, and maybe even support or encourage some of you, too.

I started meds for ADHD back in the summer, in addition to therapy, both of which have helped a lot with focus, prioritization, mood, sensitivity, misophonia, etc.

I’ve also been working on my relationship with food which has been an issue most of my life. Type 2 Diabetes is not uncommon in my family and after my stroke it was apparent via bloodwork that I was on the same road. By trying several strategies together (with the help of my cardiologist, who I still text every Monday with my progress or lack thereof) I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds since last June.

I honestly never thought that would be possible and am still not fully comfortable in this new body, but I’m also pretty proud of myself. (I actually like no one in Portland knowing me 50 pounds heavier because I don’t have to hear, “You’ve lost so much weight!” over and over. Can we just not mention people’s bodies unless they ask?)

It’s been somewhat marred by a handful of people equating my weight loss with taking Adderall, which has definitely contributed in that I am able to focus and not wander to the kitchen every 30 minutes looking for a dopamine fix, but I’ve also, literally, worked my ass off to get healthier.

Side note: It all clicked for me about a month into taking meds for ADHD. It was the first time I’d eaten something really decadent in a while, I think it was something like a cinnamon bun. I took one bite and realized that the rush I got from it was identical to the feeling I had when I first started taking Adderall. It wasn’t hunger. It wasn’t emotion. It was dopamine. Plain and simple. I was seeking reward and happiness from a reliable but temporary and unhealthy place. Knowing that kind of put me in the driver’s seat of my eating. It was really eye-opening to realize it wasn’t just nebulous moments from my upbringing, or growing up poor and sometimes without food, or my mom not hugging me, or whatever. It was also chemical. Concrete. Tangible. And I felt empowered because of that.

This year, after the past few years of the universe welcoming me to my 40s with a deathly flu, stroke, heart surgery, two frozen shoulders and subsequent shoulder surgery, I’m finally starting the next level of work on myself, which is a focus on getting stronger mentally, emotionally, and also physically. It’s definitely not a linear progression, and some days no amount of therapy, planning, medication, etc. can beat down my unique brain chemistry, but I’m trying.

I’ve never in my life really focused on me, my safety, my health, my overall well-being. It’s been rewarding to explore that, and I want to continue giving that a shot in 2021, because it’s been nice. :cjheart: I don’t know if I’ll be posting progress pics or anything, but I’ll definitely check in here, at least monthly, to share what’s going on with me and offer support and encouragement for all of you and your journeys.

We’re in this together, even if our stories are different.


One of my self-care goals for this year is to try to journal at least once a week. I used to journal every day, but fell out of the habit and jumping right back into that place was very daunting. So…setting the goal low and maybe trying to work back up to something more frequent.

And a relevant tweet, for your consideration



I love this tweet. And this goal! I go through phases of regular journaling and am not currently in one but always enjoy them when I am.


I’ve had many a Mysterious Occurrence as of late, apparently, but getting back on board with regular journaling is one of my priorities, too!


Hi Everyone! I figured I would finally post here since (as every year) I am trying to take better care of myself. I never make really strong New Years Resolutions (or Revolutions) because they’ve never really worked out for me. I can usually go pretty strong for a week or two, but then I fizzle out. I really need external structure to motivate me which is part of why I decided to pop in here!

This year (or rather, from this point forward), I’m trying to continue working on making exercise a consistent part of my life. I did pretty well last spring with the Hero’s Journey workout schedule, but ended up falling behind until I started walking and biking regularly in late summer and fall. Now that’s it’s cold outside, though, I don’t want to do anything active, even inside. I am doing better since I got RingFit Adventure over Christmas, but I definitely am not as consistent as I would like (even though I feel better after working out). I know everyone keeps motivated in different ways, so I’m wondering: how do you (or have you in the past) get yourself motivated to workout? I’d definitely appreciate insight as I keep working on this goal!


I’ve always found that I exercise more consistently if I have a workout buddy to keep me accountable. That was part of the impetus of the Mountie fitness months of yore. While I cherish the alone time that I can get at the gym without a buddy, I am definitely more consistent with one. I also find that I need the gym itself - it’s too easy for me to get distracted in my home when I try to work out here. Confession: I fell off pretty quickly from Hero’s Journey last year, in part because there’s just no good time or space for me to work out at home with three young kids. :man_shrugging:

I think I’ve shared it here, but I lost a good deal of weight last year through calorie tracking. I’ve been able to maintain it, but with regular exercise, my body fat has gone from 26% down to 17% (although my weight number has remained the same). I’m very “data driven” by training, so these concrete measurements also help me keep my consistency up. I weigh myself every day (Monday-Friday) and measure my body fat percentage once a month.

I was using a fitness journal to track all this stuff, but a friend got me a new workout program for Christmas 2020 with a built-in tracker, so the journal became redundant. It was sort of helpful when I was using it, but not as good as a gym buddy.


I’m trying to get into a routine of meditation in the evening. For those who may be interested the app Balance is giving everyone a free year. It has an introductory foundation plan that starts you at 5 minutes a day and gradually works up to 10 minutes. There are also many other plans for specific goals and single sessions that guide you through new techniques. It also asks questions about your feelings on each session and tailors future sessions to your preferences. It works wonderfully for me and I’ve found that after just a week of trying it I’m doing better at keeping myself focused when I’m trying to work and I’m able to clear my head when I get stressed.


I’ve not been on the forum for a fair while as I’ve been in a really low energy state for a long time, but I’ve finally gotten round to kicking myself into gear and getting the medication that I’ve needed for probably a few years now! I’m only two weeks in but I already have a lot more energy, and I’m hoping that that will give me the push I need to be able to solve problems and look after myself better! And, of course, I’m hoping it’ll let me check in here more often :blossom:

I’ve decided to try picking up a few more ttrpgs that aren’t dungeons and dragons in the hope of getting some more variety into my life. When I have a little more free time, I’ll likely try to get involved with things outside my regular groups, and that’ll help me to make more friends or get closer to people I’ve not spoken to much! All in all, I’m pretty hopeful for this year, and I hope you all have fantastic years as well and manage to hit all of the goals you’ve been reaching for! :cherry_blossom:


So glad to hear from you again, and happy that you’re feeling better!


It’s great to be back! I can’t guarantee how active I’ll be, but I want to try my best to dive back in and be more social :blossom: It’s lovely people like you that make this place such a great community to be part of! :cherry_blossom:


No worries, don’t push yourself too hard.


I recently read over some poems I made in high school. They were things I made out of desperation, when I didn’t know how to express myself to other people so I just wrote these for myself and hid them away. I found them a few days ago but didn’t want to read them. All I could remember was angst and crying into my notebook like every stereotype I didn’t want to be.
But I did read them. And they were beautiful. The way my past self put words together made me wish I’d never stopped writing, but more than that, it helped me to soothe the parts of me that were left over from that era. The things I had written about, in pain and confusion and calling to no one in particular for help- I’d gotten through them. I came out the other side and not only did I not resent the cries of my past self- I found them beautiful.
So I want to write poetry again. And I will hate it as I write but I will keep it anyway, and a few years from now, my future self can look back on it and tell me that it turned out okay, and thank me for surviving, just as my current self is doing to my younger self now.


Sel, that’s so lovely and I’m so happy you were able to reconnect with yourself in such a beautiful way. Writing can be such a painful yet restorative outlet, and even if no one ever sees it, it’s a really special record of your thoughts and who you are at certain moments of your life. Really excited for you and your poetic journey!