2021 Productivity Support Pod

Similar to the personal improvement pod of last year, this is the pod for all things that make you feel productive! Whether that’s learning a new skill, working towards a project, or trying out new products and routines to stay organized, this is the place to share and support each other as we attempt to be productive members of society from the socially-distanced comfort of our homes.


I’ve started using an app called habits to remind me and track doing daily/weekly things.
The reminder notifications are super useful, but I think it’s mostly widgets inspiring my success so far.
A little corner of my mind is having a micro OCD fit each day telling me to do the things so I can turn all the widgets on.

As a result I’m on a 20 day streak for drinking water each morning, a 25 day streak for Welsh lessons and 2 days for yoga(it’s still Jan it counts :p)

I’m also using it as a reward for not doing bad things, such as scrolling social media and news once I’ve gone to bed. Getting out of habits is harder than getting into them and my personal best in 24 days of tracking is 5days without doom scrolling in bed, must do better :slight_smile:


Three days of drinking citron tea with honey, cinnamon, and apple cider vinegar.
I found a YouTube yoga channel that does 30-day challenges every month, around 30 minutes per session. I’m going to try it.
Other than this it’s production of masks and job hunting.


I’ll have to try that app. I’ve always struggled with keeping up a consistent habit in my Polish lessons, and every time I try to start a yoga routine it only lasts a couple days.


Hey hey hey, so I had a revelation yesterday when I successfully wrote 1000 words in something like 3.5 hours for my dissertation which has made me very very happy with myself.

My university ran a virtual writing retreat which I think pushed for me to be the most productive. The idea behind it was 15 mins at the start where everyone shared their goals for the day (whether that was getting a certain amount of reading or writing done or making a full plan for a section or something like that), then 1.5hrs of doing where we had cameras and mics off but were still in the video call, then a 15 mins chat of how we were doing and what we had gotten up to and if any goals needed to be changed based on how we had done in the first half, 15mins break where we were told to walk away from screens and get a bit of fresh air and a drink, and then 1.5hrs doing, finishing with a final 15min chat about what we’d achieved and if we reached our goals that we set at the start of the session :blush:

I’m a bit gutted because they’ll be doing one more writing retreat for next week but I’ll be working so I can’t do it 🥲


Soooo two maybe helpful things.
There’s a a website called focusmates. With their free account, you get 3 50 minute sessions a week of pairing up with a virtual coworking buddy. At the beginning you tell each other your goals. Then you work. Then at the end you tell each other what you accomplished. I pay the 5 dollars a month for unlimited sessions. They are 1:1 sessions

Second thing: virtual coworking is my jam. It’s one of the things I’ve decided when I started my productivity guidance business to just offer for free because I benefit from it as well, that’s how much I love it. So if you want, maybe we (you, me, other Mounties who want to) can schedule some virtual coworking.


We actually did a crafting bee last year at one point! It was a bit hit (lasted several hours longer than initially anticipated), but then…scheduling happened. :sweat_smile:

Now that I think about it, probably a bit more chatty than a proper getting work done session.


I would love this! I will also check out focusmates cause that sounds like it would be a massive help!


I’ve been thinking about how to do this. I’m guess people are on discord since there’s a AG discord server? I haven’t hit the point yet in my forum points to know if it’s being used :slight_smile:

But this is an option.


Ya discord would make a lot of sense :blush: